How to Bounce Back After Burnout

By Rose Leadem

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Whether you’re feeling stressed about a never-ending list of to-dos or worried about a fast-approaching deadline, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, overworked, stressed and even anxious. Don’t you let the work pile up. These feelings get out of hand, it’s easy to find yourself in a state of burnout. However, rather than allowing yourself to give into burnout, it’s important to take actionable steps towards pulling yourself out.

From developing an ownership mindset to leaving work at work, here are nine things you can do to overcome burnout.

1. Pay attention to what your body is telling you

One major cause of burnout is ignoring the needs of your body. When your body is tired, it’s time to go to bed. When your body signals that it is hungry, it’s best to feed it with a healthy snack or meal. If you are not attentive to what your body is trying to tell you, then you’re merely setting yourself up to crash.

According to an article published in Harvard Business Review, in order to recover from burnout you have to pay attention and respond to your body’s physical and emotional needs. When you’re in a state of burnout, you will have to be extra sensitive to your body; overcoming burnout requires extra sleep and taking more breaks during work in order to restore your energy levels throughout the day.

2. Take inventory

Before you can begin overcoming burnout, it’s important to know the source of it first. To start, begin by writing down a list of all of the situations that may have caused you to feel stressed. Why are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed. And while doing so, remember to take your time.

When making your list, Psychology Today advises, “Don’t rush through it. It’s not a race; it’s a process. In fact, you should consider it a work in process, adding to it as things enter your mind.”

3. Find new meaning in your work

In most cases, burnout is a direct result of feeling overloaded at work. However, rather than letter yourself feel defeated and even angered by the amount of work that’s on your plate, try taking a different approach.

According to an article published in Forbes, it’s about reigniting interest in your work. As the article advises: “Identify the most fulfilling elements of your work and dedicate more time to them. If you can, talk to your supervisor about better aligning your responsibilities with your strengths and interests.”

4. Focus on being proactive

Typically, when you’re driven into a state of burnout it’s because you have been approaching your days reactively rather than proactively. That’s why, in order to get over burnout, you have to change your mindset, and that starts by setting the right tone at the very beginning of your day.

Natalie Ellis, entrepreneur and CEO of BossBabe, tells Entrepreneur, “It’s so important to start your day proactively rather than reactively. I always spend time with my coffee, my journal and a book to get …read more

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