How to Convince Clients to Buy Your SEO Services – Most Common Questions + Best Answers Included

By Adrian Cojocariu

Convincing clients to buy your SEO services is hard. Although it’s a growing market and people become more aware of its value, they still don’t see its true potential. They have a ton of objections and questions, especially if you’re the one approaching them to make a sale.

I’m sure prospects have told you plenty of times things like Can you guarantee #1 positions? or It takes too much time, Adwords brings me instant results.

If you don’t answer those questions and objections properly, you risk failing to secure the deal. So, if you want to know how you can easily convince new clients and prospects to buy your SEO services, here is a list of answers to common questions and objections that clients have.

Hopefully, these answers will help you secure more deals. However, they are not definitive answers and will not guarantee a sale. If you’ve encountered any other questions that clients often ask, please type them down in the comments section and let us know.

  1. Can You Guarantee Me #1 Positions?
  2. How Much Does It Cost to Get to the Top?
  3. Can I Pay You After I See the Results?
  4. I Have Previously Hired an SEO Expert with No Results
  5. I Already Do Adwords, Is SEO Better?
  6. Can You Show Me Some Previous Work and Results?
  7. Why Are My Competitors Ranking Better?
  8. How Long Until I Get to #1?
  9. Why Does SEO Take so Long?
  10. Can You Speed up the Process?

1. Can You Guarantee Me #1 positions?

This is probably the most often asked question, as well as the first to pop out of a potential or new SEO customer:

It’s annoying and you almost want to roll your eyes at it. But you can’t do that if you want to sell something.

Here’s the deal:

If you want to sell more SEO services, you have the duty of educating your clients and also of managing their expectation. This is a very tough industry and also a very misunderstood one. A lot of people lie to their customers in order to sell their services. They tell them they can rank them #1 for any keyword in record time (and they probably can) but they never tell them about the risks involved.

To understand why nobody can actually honestly guarantee top positions on Google, clients must also have a basic understanding of how search engines work.

Google tries to rank the best possible website. It doesn’t always succeed, but most of the time it’s right.

They have to understand that nobody knows for sure how Google ranks websites, but there are some best practices you can follow to try to get there and also some very risky methods that can later affect rankings.

You can, however, reassure them that you’ll do everything that stands in your power to try to get them rank #1 with as many keywords as possible, without compromising the future …read more

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