How to Create Incredible Event Videos That Keep the FOMO Alive

By Ana Gotter

The fear of missing out (or as some of my fellow Millennials refer to it, #FOMO!) is a legitimate psychological phenomenon based in loss-aversion. We’re more scared of losing something than gaining it, and leveraging that fear can be a powerful marketing strategy when used correctly.

Marketing experiences are one of the best ways to use FOMO to your advantage. Everyone is afraid of missing a sale, but that doesn’t even hold a candle to the fear of missing The Best Vacation Ever or The Best Conference Ever and knowing that if they missed it, there’s nothing they can do.

Video marketing is a strong choice for event promotion because it captures the excitement and action so well. In this post, we’re going to look at how you can create event videos that keep the FOMO alive, even after the event is over.

Break Your Campaign Down into Sections

To truly create that “I-need-to-be-there” feeling you want potential attendees to feel, your best bet is going to be to break down your overall event promotion video campaign into several distinct sections. This is how you’ll maximize event registration, attendance, awareness, and even make people more interested in coming back in the future.

Social Media Examiner always does an outstanding job using video marketing to promote their event Social Media Marketing World, so we’re going to use them as an example here.

The Preparation

The initial videos that you release should be announcing and discussing what the event will entail. Share video updates with a familiar face (maybe a CEO, head of marketing, or other spokesperson) to talk about new speakers who just signed up to host talks or special lunches or mini-events or activities that will be offered.

The idea here is to slowly release information as it comes in, getting people more and more excited by continually showing them “hey look, even more value is coming your way.”

In these videos, always include CTAs and share where users can go to register. If there are any early-bird prices, mention them.

The (Not-So) Calm Before the Storm

Does it take a few hours, or a few days to set up before a big event? Go behind the scenes and have a few videos showing potential attendees how hard you’re working to create something incredible for them. This can even be videos showing people setting up chairs or hanging posters, while you talk about how excited you are and how you’re just putting the final touches on everything so the event will be perfect.

These videos can be Lives, but they can also be pre-recorded and quickly assembled video clips showing what different team members are doing across the venue. We’ll discuss how to create these a little later on.

Again, mention prices and let people know that there are only so many spots left but that they can still purchase tickets. If there’s a cut-off date for when they can do so, mention …read more

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