How to Find New Placements to Target on the Display Network

By Joe Martinez

Google Display network placements traffic

I miss the Display Planner. It was one of my favorite tools in the old AdWords interface. When Google decided to remove the tool from Google Ads, PPC marketers lost a valuable asset for planning out display campaigns.

While I still want the tool back, we can create successful managed placement campaigns in Google Ads. It just takes a little bit more work on our end. (Thanks Google!) Here are a few tactics I use for finding new placements to target.

Look at What Traffic Is Already Working

I love talking about how Google Analytics can usually answer the question, “Who should I target first?” This post is no exception. Whenever I get the opportunity to set up my first display campaign in an account, one of the first places I like to look is the Referrals report in Google Analytics. The Referrals report lives under the Acquisition > All Traffic portion of Google Analytics. Typically, I like to sort by most conversions (or revenue for ecommerce businesses) to see which referral sources are sending quality traffic to my site.

Then, I take the list of URLs and search for them as placements when creating an ad group in Google Ads. I put the red check marks here for a reason. These URLs were the only ones included in the Google Display Network.

Google Display network placements targeting

If I can see in Google Analytics that these sites are already driving traffic that converts, I want to try and get more of these users to my site. If the websites in your Referrals report aren’t part of the Display Network, we can still use these sites to find valuable placements. Let me show you how next.

Test Non-Placement Audiences

If you have a list of websites you know your target audience visits, but none is a part of Google’s Display Network, test them out as a custom affinity audience or even a custom intent audience. These targeting options will never be as direct as a managed placement target. But you can at least try to get in front of users who have shown interest in these sites in the past.

Google Display network placements affinity audience

Now, let’s say we’ve had ad groups running with custom audiences based on desired placements for a little while. We can review where our ads were actually shown on the Display Network and/or YouTube. In the Google Ads interface, head over to the Placements page, then click “Where Ads Showed” towards the top of the screen.

Google Display network placements for ads

In the Google Ads interface, we can look and see which placements our custom audience targets frequent the most often. Visits are great, but we can adjust our columns to see which of these site users have converted the most from our display ads, too. If you see certain sites that give you the engagement or conversion numbers you like, you …read more

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