How to Fix Common Image Issues in WordPress

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WordPress comes with some pretty neat tools to manage and edit images. Sadly often beginners are not aware of these WordPress image editing features. If you ever had a question about WordPress images, then you’re in luck. In this article, we will cover the most common image issues in WordPress and how to fix them.

Since this is a detailed article, here is the list of image related issues that we will cover this article.

  1. How to Upload Images in WordPress?
  2. How to Align Image to the Left or Right in WordPress?
  3. How to Add Caption below Images?
  4. How to Display Photos in Columns and Rows?
  5. Create Beautiful Responsive Image Galleries in WordPress
  6. How to Fix Missing Post Thumbnails / Featured Image?
  7. How to Fix Featured Image Appearing Twice Issue?
  8. Image too Big? How to Crop Images in WordPress?
  9. How to Add a Header Image in WordPress?
  10. How to Add a Background Image in WordPress?
  11. How to Find Free Images for Your WordPress Blog Posts?
  12. How to Tag Images in WordPress?
  13. How to Import External Images in WordPress?
  14. How to Require Featured Image for Posts in WordPress?
  15. How to Set a Default Featured Image in WordPress?
  16. How to Remove the Default Image Link in WordPress?

Let’s start with the most obvious one.

1. How to Upload images in WordPress?

Image uploads in WordPress are handled by the Media uploader.

You can insert an image in your content by clicking on the ‘Add Media’ button in post or page edit screen.

Upload images when editing a post or page in WordPress

You can also directly upload images to ‘Media’ and use them later in a post or a page.

You will need to visit Media » Add New page to upload your image(s). Simply click on the select file buttons and then select the images from your computer that you want to upload.

Add new image directly to WordPress media library

2. How to Align Image to the Left or Right in WordPress?

You may have noticed how some popular blogs use images with text wrapped around them. This is done by using the align feature.

You can choose image alignment when uploading an image and before inserting it into your post.


Alternately, you can also use the align buttons using the image toolbar right inside post editor.

Click on the image to select it, and then click on the align buttons to adjust the alignment.

Align image using the buttons in image toolbar

3. How to Add Caption below Images?

WordPress allows you to easily add caption for images. After you upload an image, WordPress media uploader allows you to provide image title, description, and caption.

Adding caption to an image before inserting it into a post

You can also add captions to existing images by editing the image.

4. How to Display Photos in Columns and Rows?

Often users ask us how to neatly display photos in columns and rows.

Let’s say you want to share photos of a birthday party, or vacation photos. You can add them one by one into a post, but this will look like a lengthy list of images.

The better way to group your photos is by creating image galleries.

Simply upload your images when editing a post or page.

In the media uploader select the images you want to show and click on the ‘Create Gallery’ link in the left column.

Create a basic image gallery in WordPress

Next, you need to click on the ‘Add new gallery’ button at the bottom right corner of the media uploader.

WordPress will now show you gallery settings.

Gallery settings

You can choose how to link to an image, number of columns, size of gallery images, etc.

Once you are done, click on the ‘Insert Gallery’ button to finish.

For more detailed instructions see our guide on how to create an image gallery in WordPress.

5. Create Beautiful Responsive Image Galleries in WordPress

You will notice that the default WordPress image galleries don’t look so great on mobile. They are also not very easy to browse.

If you often upload images and photographs to your WordPress site, then you will need a proper WordPress photo gallery plugin.

We recommend using Envira Gallery. It allows you to easily create beautiful and fully mobile friendly image galleries on your WordPress site.

The best part is that it adds additional functionality like Albums, gallery templates, social sharing abilities, slideshows, watermarking, pagination, password protection, tagging, fullscreen view, and much more.

See our guide on how to easily create responsive WordPress image galleries with Envira for full instructions.

6. How to Fix Missing Post Thumbnails / Featured Image?

Most WordPress themes allow you to prominently display a featured image with your articles. Here is how to set a featured image in WordPress to avoid missing thumbnails.

Set featured image for a post in WordPress

If you do not see a featured image meta box in your post edit area, then click on Screen Options button on the top right corner of the screen and check the featured image check box.

Add featured image box

Now, you can click on ‘Set Featured Image’ link to upload your post thumbnail.

After uploading the image, you need to click on the Set Featured Image button.

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