How To Get Your Online Store Into Featured Snippets and Why You Need To Do It

By Inna Yatsyna

How To Get Your Online Store Into Featured Snippets and Why You Need To Do It

So, by now, I’m sure you’ve heard the term featured snippets. If not, you most certainly have seen them in searches on Google.

But, if you’ve been living under a rock, here is an example of a featured snippet about an online store:

Example of a featured snippet

Yes, you noticed, and you understand why featured snippets are so important now. The site with the featured snippet attained “position 0” the nickname of the infamous position before all other search results.

Getting a featured snippet puts you at the front of the pack. With attention spans going down every second, this is conversion gold.

So, now that you understand the power of this concept how the heck do you get your pages into featured snippets? It’s not easy, but, if you follow a few steps when crafting your content, you substantially raise your chances of making it into one.

How do I get my content into Featured Snippets?

Getting your site to pop up for a featured snippet is a formula. But, remember even if you follow the instructions it doesn’t guarantee placement. Why? Because there can only be one for each keyword young grasshopper.

That’s right, while about 12 million sites appeared as results for the query in our example above, only 1 (one, yep) can be made into a featured snippet. Google rewards sites that use this formula for getting into snippets, but that also follow all of their other best practices as well.

With the bad news out of the way, let’s give you a fighting chance, eh? Let’s go over the steps to getting into featured snippets.

Create your content with snippets in mind

When you begin to write, you have to remember to include snippet friendly items to get placement. Featured snippets will only be shown as answers to questions. Make sure the phrase you’re optimizing the page for is included in a question.

Next, snippets will only be served up that answer that question in three different specific ways. You can answer the question in:

  • Table Format – Using a table to answer the question gives you the potential to appear in a table snippet.
  • List Format – Google loves a bulleted list. Answering a question with a bullet list makes it possible to appear in a list snippet.
  • Paragraph Format – As in the example above, if you give the answer to the question in a concise paragraph, Google may reward you with a paragraph snippet.

The question you’re answering will determine the best format to answer it in. However, it is almost always best to use a list or table because Google really likes them.

What do these look like? We showed you a paragraph snippet in the first example but here are examples of list and table featured snippets:

List of Snippet for featured Snippet

Table Snippet for Featured Snippet

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