How to Land Your Dream Job in Social Media

By Delia JC Social Media

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Careers in social media have only grown since the popularity of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and they’re not looking at slowing down any time soon. Now there are all sorts of roles where you can tweet for a living, if that’s your thing.

Roles include titles such as social media manager, content creator (image, text or video), account manager and even more specific jobs that involve updating just one platform or working with social media influencers. You can go after jobs where you’ll work in-house for a company and be responsible for promoting that company’s own range of products or services over social media, or for a social media agency like us, where you’ll be responsible for representing a wide range of clients.

The choice is up to you and you don’t have to decide straight away. Many social media managers have started their careers in agencies and then opted to join a company as an in-house marketer to apply their skills in a narrower field of products. Likewise, some in-house marketers have switched to an agency because they prefer the variety it can offer. There is no right or wrong answer and there’s a career in social media for everyone!

There’s never been a more exciting time to land a role in social media and it can equip someone with a range of skills that are extremely desirable, for this jobs market and the future. Think a career in social media would be your absolute dream?! Here’s how to find one:

Our first tip? Use social media

It might seem like an obvious piece of advice, but there’s actually more to it than you think. If you want to come across like someone who is enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable about social media, use it yourself! Cultivate your social media profiles, share your views and build yourself an online profile. We recommend you avoid picking sides on a political spectrum or sharing ideas that could be deemed offensive or controversial. Instead, share snapshots into your life and work as an aspiring social media professional. That could include your latest learnings or your comments on how brands you follow use social media.

While creativity is highly praised, desired and welcome, make sure you think twice before every post you plan to add to your profile. Once it’s there it’s there forever!

Use LinkedIn to your advantage

You probably know that Linkedin is an online haven for successful and thriving professionals. If you don’t have your own profile, you should check it out and create your resume. Give yourself a professional headline, profile picture, and summary and collect recommendations from colleagues, friends and even teachers. Here is no place to be shy – clearly state your knowledge and accomplishments so that potential employers want to speak to you!

In addition, Linkedin can work as a job search tool. You can also follow agencies and companies where you would like to find a job and be updated with their vacancies. Normally, the job application process …read more

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