How To Set Up An Effective Guest Blogging Strategy In 5 Easy Steps

By Olivia Angelescu

You took a leap of faith and finally started your own freedom business! This means you probably:

  • did a lot of research to nail down your business idea,
  • built a website,
  • attended a lot of free online marketing webinars,
  • joined a few Facebook groups full of people like you and
  • maybe even invested in an online business training.

That’s great! So what’s the next thing on your to-do list?

Everyone you know in the online business world is talking about building an audience before starting to develop your first product.

It is highly important to start building and growing your email list right now. This will be your top priority for the next months.

But how? How can you:

  • Build an email list of thousands of people who are eager to buy your products?
  • Stand out in your crowded market?
  • Be recognized as an expert in your field?
  • Have some amazing and, why not, FREE PR that attracts clients to your website on an autopilot?

Is there a way to have all these things above without having to spend all your savings on paid advertising?

Of course, there is! IT IS CALLED GUEST BLOGGING!

Lots of top online marketers have been using guest blogging to build their multimillion empires and they are still using this strategy today. Ramit Sethi, for example, a best selling author and top online marketer who was featured in Forbes right next to Warren Buffet, wrote several articles sharing how he used (and still uses) guest blogging as the go-to tactic to build his list of +100,000 of raving fans.

So how can you do it too? How can you copy Ramit Sethi’s process? How do you get featured on all those cool websites and instantly gain visibility and trust while building your list fast? It is easier than you think. Because, you see, in today’s online world everything revolves around one thing: CONTENT. There are millions of websites out there and each of them must constantly publish fresh and interesting content for their audience if they want to survive and grow. This is applicable to any field you can think of, no matter how niched down it might be.

I will break down all the steps you must take to instantly eliminate any guest blogging frustration and skyrocket your chances of being finally featured on top websites in your niche.

Let’s begin!

STEP 1: Choose one guest blogging goal

You can add a second objective down the line, but as you start out, only focus on ONE objective. So take your pick. It can be one of the following:

– gaining quick visibility;

– building your expert status;

– building your email list;

– making great connections with a few (or more) influencers in your field.

All of them can be achieved with guest blogging, but you must choose only one thing now as this will help you gain clarity and stay focused on what types of websites you want to target. Getting and staying focused is very important today, with any marketing strategy, as you want to give your best and achieve results FAST.

For example, if you want to gain …read more

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