How to Start a Facebook Ad Funnel

By Bianca Gregorio

Are you looking to create more conversion from Facebook Ads? Have you considered how funnels can help? These two are actually a strong match with the proper application. As a marketer, you probably know the stages of a buyer’s journey with your eyes closed. This should also be you when it comes to Facebook Marketing. There’s a lot to consider with Facebook like whether to do a page or a group but it all starts with your funnel.

Any business can utilize Facebook’s advanced targeting options for their online marketing and make sure their content is arriving to its target market. You don’t need a high budget, just utilize the customization options and tailor your campaigns. With this, you can connect to all your leads at every part of their journey.

Normal Errors

Wrong Objectives

When people start with their Facebook ad, they usually end up choosing wrong objectives. When you have a campaign that is conversion focused, you can create a variety of conversions you want to track and optimize. Custom conversions from your website that are based on interactions can also be included. The usual ones are view content, lead, add to cart, and purchase.

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More often than not, the people who go with a conversion objective don’t actually gain a lot of it. However, Facebook actually recommends you to choose the conversion type that transpires around 50 times per ad set. These number are actually great. People aren’t really aware of that so they usually pick something else.

When you create a conversion campaign with insufficient data, Facebook doesn’t know what to do with it to optimize it. Facebook recommendations are usually accurate so if you have a very specific audience, you campaign may work with lower number of conversions.

Normally, Facebook needs to analyze at least 50 conversions to get to know the ideal user and how to find more who are like them. The lack of this data causes Facebook to struggle as to who it’s really looking for.

In order to maximize the way you’re spending your ads, you need to change your mindset on conversions. The greatest conversion may be in them signing up for a service of buying the product but the most of the audience takes a couple more steps before going there. Your starting engagement goal doesn’t have to be the ultimate conversion goal but a jump start on reaching those who may want to check it out.

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A good example would be an online vitamin brand who’s looking to make more sales. People won’t hop up on that bandwagon immediately. There are small steps they take like learning about their body and how vitamins affect it or reading posts about improving their lifestyles.

Basically, you need to consider the small steps it takes that leads to 50 conversions per week. By choosing to act on something that happens early in the funnel, you can show Facebook sufficient data in converting more audiences from the beginning.

Campaign Type

Managing to choose …read more

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