How to Use AI to Provide Seamless Email Journeys for Your Customers

By Anwar Shaikh

How to Use AI to Provide Seamless Email Journeys for Your Customers

You probably had your first dose of artificial intelligence (AI) through Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi films that depict robots coming to life and gaining control over the world.

Though this is still a distant dream, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if such advancements actually came true in the near future.

As the world is moving at breakneck speed, the concept of AI is receiving a mix of emotions from all around the world. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates referred to AI as a “holy grail” in the realms of computer science and technology that would go a long way in making lives easier.

Now looking beyond the scenario of robots taking over the world, AI has arrived in the business landscape transforming critical operations and processes for tons of businesses worldwide. Marketing, particularly email marketing, is one such practice that stands to receive the most out of artificial intelligence.

AI and email marketing

Intelligent analytics for email journeysImage Source: MarketingCharts

Yes, email marketing is in for a revolutionary transformation. Thanks to AI, email marketing today is no longer confined to a rule-based marketing process. It is fast emerging as the most preferred tool for digital marketers when it comes to personalization. Long story short, email marketing has turned more powerful and effective than ever with AI. Let us discuss how:

Recently, Google rolled-out its biggest upgrade in years for ‘Gmail’, which aims to make Gmail more user-friendly, secure and smart with artificial intelligence. This is something that puts the entire idea of email marketing in for a grand overhaul.

AI and Email Marketing for email journeysImage Source: The Verge

Google is leveraging machine learning algorithms to help users respond. They call it the Smart Reply feature, which scans the email text and recommends three smart and often apt responses that users can opt to tweak and revert to an email.

Wondering how marketers can leverage AI to offer smarter and more seamless email journeys to their customers?

The more relevant your email content, the more targeted the promotions will be. Email marketers have been leveraging AI in their email campaigns for this very purpose i.e. to fine tune frequency, send times, relevant content, open rates, and to drive click-through rates.

Here are some of the key ways AI is influencing email marketing:

Driving customer engagement

With AI, email marketers get to learn about a customer’s historical behavior and predict what customers would want to buy as well as the timing for when the customer would actually buy. This allows marketers to come up with a strategy to develop automated triggers for every single stage of the customer lifecycle.

Though CRM systems have been a perfect pick-me-up for marketers across the globe to manage the data of customers, integrating AI with a CRM software would take things to a whole different level. The result would be smart predictions about a customer’s next …read more

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