How to Write Killer Meta Descriptions to Increase CTR

By Brandon Leibowitz

SEO Meta Description Tips

Search engine optimization can be complicated sometimes. Frankly speaking, one minute you ought to think that you have nailed it and the very next moment everything changes. You want to know what the real problem is. Google on average changes its algorithm 500 – 600 per year.

So, the only thing that remains constant in SEO is the change. This ought to create a never-ending chase for the desired number one ranking. Because of some elements and other factors, you can now easily focus on doing the optimization pretty well in the long run. One of the elements that you need to know is the “Meta Description“.

Some of you might still be wondering as to why opt for Meta description. The reason is simple; the Meta description has always played an important part in search engine page results that are not likely to change.

So, before we emphasize on the important aspects of your SEO needs, keep reading till the end to learn on how to write a compelling Meta description that helps you in increasing the CTR and boost your ranking on the search engines. But before we start the step by step guide on how to write a Meta description, let’s just first talk a little bit more about how truly compelling and powerful these Meta descriptions ought to be.

The Compelling Power Of A Meta Description

To be honest, the Meta description plays a vital function on the search engines. They provide a brief description of your webpage content in association with the rest of the metadata in the HTML code of your site. On the other hand, when you do not set one up on your own, most of the content sharing systems will by default generate it for you.

The Meta description is considered to be one of the elements that are entailed to highlight with your webpage SEO; this is why it is imperative to understand as to why it ought to make a difference.

Therefore, you need to emphasize on writing compelling Meta description, for the users to click on your business web-page. And trust me, once you have written an appealing description, the users’ wont simply stop to click on the links.

Follow the below-given guidelines and start to create Meta descriptions that ought to help you in boosted ranking and increases the CTR in the long run.

Step 1: Do Not Put Much Focus On The Character Count

Most of the people weren’t aware of the fact that Google has updated the limitation on the character recently. One after another article has been publishing in order to analyze and break down what these changes denote for businesses and SEO.

When you simply focus on the character count, this completely negates the whole purpose of the SEO. Do not compromise on the quality of the content by limiting yourself to the word count; you might start to see some positive results.

However, some of the Meta descriptions that were written above the limit of the word count had …read more

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