How to Write the Perfect Thanksgiving Message to Colleagues

By Joanna Cutrara

Sure, Thanksgiving is about feasting, but let’s not forget its other main theme: gratitude.

This is the perfect time to show your appreciation for the awesome people in your life—
especially those patient folks you spend your days working alongside!

Consider taking a few minutes this holiday season to write your favorite coworkers a Thanksgiving message letting them know how much you appreciate them.

Whether it’s your goofy friend who cracks you up during meetings…


…or the teammate who keeps you motivated (no matter how absurd office life gets)…


…or the coworker who seriously came through for you, helping you finish that important project when you were struggling…


…everyone appreciates a word of thanks.

So give it a try—read on to learn our favorite tips for how to write the perfect Thanksgiving message to your colleagues!

1Know Your Audience

How do you and your coworkers usually communicate? Do you chat it up on Slack? Text on the reg? Email like it’s 1999?

If GIF-offs with your office BFF are the norm, writing a ten-page essay extolling his or her excellence might seem a little odd. Sending a fun note with a GIF or meme via your normal communication channel will be the better plan.

On the other hand, if a relationship with a colleague is more formal, a thoughtful email or handwritten note may be well received.

2Make It Personal

The perfect Thanksgiving message will highlight something specific you appreciate about your colleague. We all struggle with imposter syndrome, so it can mean a lot to someone to know they really are seen and valued!

Let them know how their sunny (or sour!) disposition helps you get through the day, how their fashion style is an inspiration, or how their copywriting skills are wondrous to behold.

Thank them for ruthlessly keeping meetings as short as possible, for having your back in office politics, or for their amazing work on the last team project.

3Short and Sweet: How to Write a Quick Thanksgiving Note

Want to send a quick thank you note to your colleague? Make it funny, sweet, or encouraging (whatever the recipient will enjoy the most) and send via the usual channel (email, Slack, text, Facebook, etc.).

BONUS: Include a GIF or meme they’ll find entertaining, or a photo of a fun office memory together.
Here are some examples of quick Thanksgiving notes:

Linda, thanks for always having my back, telling it like it is, and sharing your secret stash of snacks with me. Office mates forever!


Is it too much to say “you keep me sane”? Thanks for being an incredible colleague and human being!


Thanks for always shaking things up. Here’s to another year of office shenanigans!


It’s …read more

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