In the Spotlight: Oxi Fresh Clears the Air About What Sets It Apart from other Carpet Cleaners

By Annie Pilon

In the Spotlight: Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner Oxi Fresh Uses the Power of Oxygen to Transform Carpet Cleaning

Traditional carpet cleaning often utilizes chemicals and includes a lengthy cleaning and drying process. But the founder of Oxi Fresh felt that there was a better way.

Already interested in entrepreneurship, he noticed a gap in the market that he could leverage to provide a different type of cleaning service to consumers. Learn more about his business journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides eco-friendly carpet cleaning services.

Jonathan Barnett, founder and CEO of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning told Small Business Trends, “Oxi Fresh is proud to offer green, fast-drying carpet cleanings that use the power of oxygen to get phenomenal results. We also offer upholstery, tile & gout, and wood floor cleanings as well as odor control services. All of these services are available for both residential and commercial clients.”

Business Niche

Using fast-drying methods.

Barnett says, “We pride ourselves on offering oxygen-powered, green cleanings that dry in just about one hour versus the 12-24 hours of steam cleaning. The company achieves this via a cleaning method that requires only two gallons of water per home – as opposed to the 40-60 gallons that other carpet cleaners use.”

How the Business Got Started

Due to an interest in entrepreneurship and franchising.

Barnett explains, “I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship – something I owe to my grandfather. His spark and energy really inspired me to forge my own path. In college, that meant opening firework stands – Johnny B’s Fireworks – that did quite well. In fact, they helped pay my way through college, and I ended up selling them upon graduation. After college and graduate school, I owned an International Basketball League franchise called the Colorado Crossover. That and other experiences really heightened my interest in franchising. It was such a powerful business model with so much potential.

That’s when Oxi Fresh was born. I decided to take my knowledge of franchising, my experiences in carpet cleaning, and my entrepreneurial drive and put them to good use. I opened Oxi Fresh as a franchise business with radical differences from other carpet cleaners.”

In the Spotlight: Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner Oxi Fresh Uses the Power of Oxygen to Transform Carpet Cleaning

Biggest Win

The development of their Customer Relationship Management software.

Barnett adds, “Early in our company’s history, we booked jobs on spreadsheets. This involved a lot of manual data entry, which meant there were errors and inefficiencies. I knew that such an approach was unsustainable in the long run, so we invested heavily in the development of a custom-built CRM. The result was a live, online platform that did everything from job bookings to marketing reports. It truly was a revolution for our company that has allowed us to grow into what we are today. But we haven’t let the CRM stay where it was. We have and will continue to constantly update it, adding new features that will help our franchisees.”

Biggest Challenge

A …read more

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