Inbound Marketing Strategy Session or Snake Oil Sales Pitch?

By Dan Moyle


How to Sift Through the BS of Buzzwords and Marketing Jargon

I’m a fan of the inbound marketing strategy. Heck, I even spun up a website and brand for my personal marketing journey. The Inbound Evangelist has been fun to tinker with, but it’s also become a bit of a burden.

Despite our best intentions, the current marketing landscape has become saturated with buzzwords and industry jargon.

Is it inbound marketing? Content marketing? Digital marketing? Businesses the world over have to now sift through all the terms and ideas, and turn a discerning eye to any agency selling services to help with their modern marketing strategy.

The bottom line for businesses from solopreneurs to the Fortune 100 level is this: Does what we do drive revenue? If you have a website, and you should, you want to drive traffic there, convert them to leads and turn those leads into customers. At its very basic level, that’s what marketing and sales need to do.

That Traffic-Lead-Customer (TLC) problem all brands face is what we tackle in marketing. It’s what inbound marketing was meant to help with, in addition to doing without annoying people.

The issue is that, as with anything that gains popularity, opportunists join the bandwagon. Plus as Gary Vaynerchuck is known to say, marketers ruin everything. We had this great idea, and we hammered it into submission. We turned social media into yet another broadcast medium, feeling more like a one-way ad platform at times rather than a holistic experience of social interactions.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you call it an inbound marketing strategy, content marketing, digital marketing or something else, the key is that we want to build traffic, get more leads and more efficiently convert those leads into customers. And if we can do it all without pissing off most people, we’re doing something right.

Snake Oil or Real Marketing? 5 Things to Look for When Talking Inbound Marketing Strategy

Do they talk about traffic, leads, and customers?

First of all, when you’re exploring any marketing strategy today, your agency, partner or new hire should be exploring how to drive more traffic to your website. Then they should look at how that traffic converts into leads, and eventually customers. If they aren’t looking at all three, you may want to look elsewhere.

It’s not just about more traffic or likes. It has to come down to your bottom line.

Ask questions like:

  • How can I convert website views into actual customers?
  • What tools should I consider for nurturing leads?
  • Where should I put calls to action on my website?

Then, your marketing agency should be offering ideas like:

  • Let’s test your CTAs to increase conversions.
  • Email nurturing is still powerful, when done well.
  • Implementing a video strategy can increase time on website, helping with SEO and driving more traffic and conversions.

If all they focus on is traffic, you’re probably talking with a snake oil salesman.

Do they focus solely on one tool, like a specific social media platform?

You don’t want to work with a …read more

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