Make Easier Ordering of Checkbooks with Bank of America

Make Easier Ordering of Checkbooks with Bank of America

There is good news for the customers of Bank of America. The bank of America is offerings its valuable customers a provision for the hassle-free ordering of checkbooks and deposit slips over the phone.  The customers of the Bank of America can now either order or reorder their required checks and deposit slips too via online.

Requisite Things to Order or Reorder Checks Online for the Bank of America:

Those who already have a savings account in the Bank of America and have signed up for online banking, they need to have the following stuff.

Steps for Placing Order of Checks for the Bank of America:

  • The customers are requested to visit the official website of the Bank of America at
  • Please sign up in order to access online banking
  • After signing up, click on the “Help and Support” option
  • Then hit “common topics” and choose “order checks or deposit slips/review order status’’.
  • Another way to order check online is by visiting the FAQ link at .
  • Then enter your “Zip Code”
  • Then “Sign In” into your BOA account to place order your checks. (Will guide you about the login steps at the latter part of the article)

Features of the Online Check Ordering System of the Bank of America:

It has been witnessed most often conventionally that the bank customers who look for getting new checkbooks would always have to place their order over the phone. And inherently they need to wait for the checks to be mailed to them by the postal delivery. Let’s have a quick look at how the Bank of America copes to relieve its customers.

  • The Bank of America has made a provision where its online banking customers will be able to order, reorder checks, and deposit slips as well via online
  • The checks, as well as the deposit slips, will be delivered in the customary method
  • Consequently, the inconvenience of making order over the phone is kept at bay
  • Customers who have small business accounts or personal accounts too can make use of this privilege


The benefits that the customer can avail from the Bank of America are given in the following points:

  • You can order you Bank of America checks which starts from $5.99 with Free Shipping.
  • The entire process of ordering and reordering of checks for the Bank of America is comparatively much more expedient with regards to doing the same task over phone
  • Moreover, the ordering and reordering of checks via online mode for the Bank of America is very fast.
  • Customers will have the privilege to order or reorder their requisite checks online from anywhere and at any time they wish
  • This process is more advanced than the phone because for phone ordering the customers would need to have access to a phone

How to Sign In into Your Bank Of America Account:

  • To sign in into your BOA account click
  • At the left side enter your “Online Id” and “Passcode”
  • You can check on the “Save Online Id” box for further uses
  • Now click on the “Sign In ” tab to continue

How to Reset User Id and Passcode of Bank Of America:

  • Go to the login window
  • Click on the “Forgot ID/Passcode? “ Link
  • Then enter your Card or Account Number (Last 6 digits)
  • Now enter your Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax ID Number (TIN)
  • And click on the “Submit” button

About Bank of America:

The Bank of America was founded by Amadeo Pietro Giannini, as the Bank of Italy in the year 1904. It is an American based multinational investment bank that provides economic services. It has branches located at New York, London, Toronto, and much more.In the year 1998, the Bank of America was initially started through Nations Bank’s procurement of Bank America. It is ranked as the second largest bank in the US, very next after JP Morgan Chase.


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  • Bank of America Homepage –

  • Bank of America Customer Service –

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