New Year, New Career?

By Brian Devane

The New Year nearly always brings thoughts of finding a new job or creating a new challenge or opportunity. We reflect on the year previous and go about setting New Year’s resolutions. Many resolutions revolve around getting fit, reducing alcohol consumption and saving money more effectively. How about thinking about your career? Perhaps your main new year’s resolution is to find a new job? Check out the following and if any of these apply to you then perhaps you should consider a new career?

You’re bored in your job

If you keep having to do the same tasks day in day out that bore the life out of you, then it is time for you to find a new challenge. Now being good at your job is not a bad thing. But it comes to a stage where you must ask a bit more of yourself. This means moving on up the career ladder.

If you stay at the same job without looking to further your career you will more than likely reflect in years to come and wonder what if? Would you really want to be doing the same old tasks year after year on the same salary and never try anything new?

Your wages are not increasing

You are working very hard and to the best of your ability for your company but getting very little in return. Then this is a sign that you have been in the same position for far too long. Not being able to get a promotion or move up in the company suggests that you are underselling your professional skills. The more and more you go without a good pay rise the probability is you are being underpaid.

It is difficult to know how much you should really be earning. If you are unsure check out relevant job boards. Have a look at what the salary being advertised is in similar roles as yours. If you are at the bottom end of the earnings bracket, you should consider negotiating a pay rise or else go look for a new job.

You have been headhunted

If a recruitment agency approaches you wondering if you are interested in going for a position or an HR person reaches out to you on LinkedIn, then you should consider it. Obviously, if they have reached out to you so they see you as a good fit. You should be in with a shot for getting the position.

Seeing as you have been headhunted also means you are in a good position to negotiated salary and benefits. You should be able to increase your salary by joining a new company.

Not seeing eye to eye with your boss

If you find your relationship with your boss becoming strained, then it is perhaps an indication that you’re getting annoyed at work and you need a career change. Maybe, deep down you feel that you could do their job better than them.

If the tension has become unbearable and is affecting you heavily in your job satisfaction and performance …read more

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