One Ridiculously Simple Email That’ll Get More People to Click Your Content

By Liz Willits

Every email marketer I’ve talked to eventually faces one problem: They struggle to consistently send emails to their subscribers. This is a big problem. Because if you don’t send regular and valuable emails, your audience will quickly become disengaged. And here’s the scary part: disengagement leads to unsubscribes, poor deliverability and spam complaints. And eventually, subscribers will become so cold that they’ll stop opening your emails. Many businesses realize the importance of a regular email frequency and send multiple emails each month. In fact, in 2016, 38 percent of businesses sent two to three emails each month while 28 percent sent four to five emails each month, according to The DMA. But you may not have time to send this many emails. Or, perhaps, you have no idea what content to send your subscribers. So what’s the solution? There’s one simple email that’ll help. The blog newsletter email. In this post, I’ll walk you through all the strategies and tricks I’ve learned for creating amazing blog newsletters.

Our formula for an epic blog newsletter (Or, everything you should put inside this email)

Blog newsletter emails, sometimes referred to as blog digests, keep subscribers engaged and encourage them to read and share your content. And the best part? You can create them in under 30 minutes! Because you can follow the same process and use the same structure every time you send this email, you don’t need to spend time brainstorming a new whole concept. And, the content of these emails is short. Which means you can spend less time writing. Your blog newsletter email should include links to your most recent blog posts, as well as older and popular or still relevant blog content. Although we call it a blog newsletter, you can share any of your content in this email, like webinars, videos, courses and podcast episodes. For each piece of content you include, write a short synopsis that’ll interest your subscribers and get them to click on and read the post. In AWeber’s blog newsletters, I typically include three or four different posts or pieces of content. We’ve found that this number of posts gives subscribers options to choose from without overwhelming them. Here’s an example of a recent blog newsletter email:

For your own blog email newsletter, I recommend testing the number of content pieces you include. You may find that your audience responds well to more, or less, posts in your email. For example, try three posts one week and try four the next. Then, compare click-through rates for those two different emails to see which performed better.

The right frequency: How often you should send to get maximum engagement

Spoiler: There’s no magic email frequency that leads to the best results. But here’s the key: Commit to a schedule and stick with it. When you send your email regularly (like every Monday morning, for example), your audience knows when to expect it. And if …read more

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