Paul Ryan’s Bill For Unemployed Benefits Has Social Media Asking Him To Be Drug Tested

By Shawn Rice

Paul Ryan: No Presidential Bid For 2016

House Speak Paul Ryan drafted a bill allowing states to drug test unemployed. This act received a mixed reaction on social media. Some believe that this makes sense in order to obtain a job, while others argue it is discriminatory against the poor and ineffective. Last year, President Barack Obama’s Department of Labor issued a regulation restricting the number of unemployment insurance beneficiaries that would be subject to drug testing.

Another one heads to President Trump’s desk. This legislation allows states to have drug testing to receive federal unemployment benefits.

— Paul Ryan (@SpeakerRyan) March 19, 2017

Many states have adopted rules in recent years to require beneficiaries of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to be screened for drug use. ThinkProgress published examinations of the 2014 and 2015 data provided by each state with those rules and found that the states paid millions of dollars to implement the testing and combined to find only hundreds of positive tests.

Here are some reactions on social media that oppose the bill.

Drug testing as a condition of eligibility for receiving necessary benefits is scientifically, fiscally, and constitutionally unsound.

— ACLU National (@ACLU) March 20, 2017

What justification is there for drug testing for UI that doesn’t also justify drug testing for Social Security?

— Annie Lowrey (@AnnieLowrey) March 20, 2017

This actually ends up costing states money.

— Will McAvoy (@WillMcAvoyACN) March 20, 2017

Drug tests have proven to be expensive & ineffective. Utah got .2 positive from welfare pop. vs. 6% in all others

— Celeste Headlee (@CelesteHeadlee) March 19, 2017

Let’s drug test everyone in Congress first. You lot are receiving the most federal benefits.

— Monique Judge (@thejournalista) March 20, 2017

Under the 2012 law that directed the Labor Department to create the rule, it is not abundantly clear that states will have the authority to drug-test workers. The testing would apply to only those who lost jobs for drug-related reasons from any industries until there is a new rule or a new law in place. That could create a problem for GOP lawmakers, because they are looking to kill the drug-testing rule under the Congressional Review Act, a law that was used only once before 2017 but has now been …read more

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