Pedophile’s Prison Term Shorten By Judge Because 3-Year-Old ‘Asked’ To Be Raped Is False

By Shawn Rice

A California trial judge taking 15 years off the sentence of a man convicted of lewd acts with a 3-year-old girl because the perpetrator claimed the child had “asked to be raped” is false. Rather, a true story about a judge’s shortening of a man’s conviction was shared by a fake news site with a fabricated element to produce a clickbait headline, according to Snopes.

Where did the fake news originate? Your News Wire published the fabricated headline “Judge Cuts Pedophile’s Prison Term Claiming 3-Yr-Old ‘Asked’ to Be Raped.” Although Your News Wire does maintain factual elements from the original story, the fake news site included the following fabricated statement in the middle of their article that created the clickbait headline:

[Judge Kelly] also backed the claim from child rapist Kevin Rojano that the young girl initiated the act of sodomy. Rojano said in his own defense that “she asked me to do it.”

The truth of the matter is that Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto of Santa Ana, Calif., was convicted of one felony count of sexual intercourse or sodomy of a child 10 years or younger, and one felony count of lewd acts upon a child under the age of 14. ABC7 reported that he assaulted a 3-year-old girl that he is related to after he “became sexually aroused by the toddler.”

During the sentencing phase, there was a dispute over the state mandate for severe punishments for sex offenders. Despite California voters approving in 2006 an increase in penalties for sex offenses, according to The Orange County Register, Judge Marc Kelly said the mandatory sentence would have been “cruel and unusual” punishment because Rojano-Nieto “almost immediately” stopped the rape.

As for the false information from Your News Wire, Snopes explained that there was no truth to the Rojano-Nieto claiming that the toddler “asked me to do it,” and that the judge “backed” his claim. Snopes offered up the judge’s sentencing analysis for further proof that the judge did not reduce the pedophile’s sentence based upon the defense that the young girl asked him to rape her.

Rather, the judge’s decision held that he was recommending a lesser sentence because Rojano-Nieto had acted on a momentary impulse, recognized its wrongfulness and stopped almost immediately. Whether you agree or disagree with this conclusion is another matter. Nonetheless, the judge based his decision off of those factors and not the defendant’s claim that the young girl asked for it.

Here are some examples of sharing the false information on social media.

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— Mona Fishman 🎶🚂 (@MonaFishman) February 13, 2018

OrangeCoCalif>Judge Kelly Cuts Pedophile’s Prison Term Saying 3-Yr-Old ‘Asked’ To Be Raped #MAGA #QAnon #TrumpTrain

— Lyle Klich (@LyleKlich) February 13, 2018

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