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The plus-size clothing niche is a niche that has been swimming in the back of my mind for quite some time now. As someone who shops in the plus-size section myself, you could say this niche is real close to home. It’s something I’m definitely interested in it, but does it have earning potential?

In 2010, Americans alone spent USD $186 billion on online purchases, $12 billion of which went to clothing. In this article with The Business Insider, it states that the average American woman is a size 14, and that the plus-size clothing niche in 2012 contributed $18 billion to the $108 billion apparel industry.

There is clearly a market for plus-size clothing. Now, let’s take a look at the keywords and the competition for it.

Extra-Large Competition Keywords

If you do not believe the statistics, then the keyword research will convince you that this niche is popular in its own right. Most of the keywords in this niche have high competition: “plus size fashion,” “plus size clothing,” even specific keywords such as “skinny jeans for plus size women.”

Long-tail keywords have low competition in this niche, but they tend to have low monthly search values.

How to wear skinny jeans plus size - Traffic Travis Results

This is where and similar keyword scrapers come in handy. You can get more keyword variations on those sites. It doesn’t mean there will be keywords with better monthly search values or competition, but there will be a lot of keyword variations to choose from. These keywords can also give you an idea of what articles to write on your website.

Plus-Size Clothing Affiliate Programs

I have been working with the ClickBank Marketplace long enough to gauge whether they carry affiliate products for a particular niche. I had a hunch I wouldn’t find any plus-size clothing affiliate programs in there, and turns out I was right. There were clothing and clothing-related products on their list, but nothing connected to plus-size clothing.

So I turned to the ever-dependable Google and found the following: - Plus Size Clothing Affiliate Programs is a US-based online store selling plus-size clothing and accessories. Affiliates receive 7 percent commission on all sales.

The site is part of the Pepperjam Network, so you need to be a Pepperjam affiliate first before you can become a affiliate. - Plus Size Clothing Affiliate Program is the online store of the YoursClothing brand in the UK. It offers a wide variety of clothing with sizes ranging from 14 to 36. The site also sells accessories and footwear. The main market is the UK, but the company also caters to Australian, European and US consumers now.

You can earn up to 8 percent commission on all sales you refer to the site. The affiliate program is managed by WebGains. - Plus Size Fashion Affiliate Programs

Based in New York, Eloquii is the go-to online store for curvy women looking for contemporary, modern clothing. Affiliates receive 5 percent commission on all sales through Commission Junction.​

Curvissa - Plus Size Clothing Affiliate Programs

Here is another UK-based plus-size clothing affiliate program. Commission rates differ based on the type of customers: new customers paying by credit give you 10 percent, new cash customers produce 5 percent commissions and existing customers, 1 percent.

You need to register with Affiliate Window to promote Curvissa.

Kathy’s Curvy Corner

Kathy's Curvy Corner - Plus Size Affiliate Programs

If you’re a full-figured woman looking for good deals on clothing, then Kathy’s Curvy Corner is the online store for you. It offers a great selection of tops, skirts, and lingerie in large sizes.

Affiliates earn 15 percent commission for each sale. You can sign up as an affiliate through the website.

Get Your Site Noticed

So you have your site up, your content published, and your affiliate offers in place: The next step is to drive traffic to your site. There are several link-building and inbound marketing methods you can use to do this.

It’s best to have a link-building or marketing strategy in place before you complete the site, and preferably even before you get the site started. This strategy will be of great use as it allows you to move smoothly from site building to link building without losing precious time.

Below are a few methods you can try to drive traffic to your site:

Press Releases

Press releases have always been a great marketing tool for businesses to announce a newsworthy even to the public, like a big sale, or the launch of a new product. You can write a press release on the site you’re promoting and then share it on website like

Press releases work like article submission. You submit your press release to sites like to get picked up by journalists, bloggers, and webmasters who will in turn feature it on their own sites. You build links and drive traffic to your site.

Link Baiting

Link baiting is writing an article, or publishing content on your site that refers to or mentions another website (usually a reference.). Before or after publishing the content, you get in touch with the webmaster or blogger of the site you referred to and let them know you referenced their site on your content.

That’s the bait, and if they take it, then it means a backlink and a name drop for you.

Social Media Marketing

This infographic by Marketing Zeus shows that a large percentage of clothing shoppers find inspiration, compare prices and look for promos online.

It is only natural that people looking for great deals and fashion trends will check out social media sites where there are other people doing the same and sharing information.

Pinterest is a great site to promote your site for this niche. You can share fashion trends there as well as any special offers.

Plus-Size Affiliate Programs: Hefty Earnings?

I have been looking at this niche for quite some time now. Based on what I’ve gathered, it doesn’t appear to be a big winner as far as niches go, but it’s still something I would go into given the time, simply because I find it interesting.

This is a fun niche for any affiliate marketer interested in fashion. The commissions aren’t that much, and you’d have to deal with a bit of competition. But you’ll definitely have fun sharing your own fashion sense within the community.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s niche! If you have a niche you want to see featured here, then please let us know in the comments. Make sure to share this week’s Niche of the Week using the Share buttons below!

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