Prophets of Profit 2019: ABM Experts Predict the Future

By Brandon Redlinger

abm prophets of profit 2019

Organizations with visions are trailblazers. They succeed where others fail. By working towards the prospects of a different future, they are, in turn, creating the future. Having vision and foresight is a crucial component to succeeding as a business.

For the third year in a row, we bring you the “prophets of profit” where we ask some of the top thinkers in B2B marketing what they believe the future holds for Account Based Marketing.

These trailblazers offer their predictions of trends in the B2B marketing world for 2019. Enjoy!

matt heinz prophets of profit

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Matt Heinz,
President, Heinz Marketing

I believe far more companies will migrate part of their marketing strategy to ABM but won’t outright call it ABM. The more B2B marketing organizations narrow their focus on the right customers, work closely with sales at every stage of the buying journey, and help to build consensus amongst the internal buying committee at those target accounts, they’ll improve their impact and results.

justin gray prophets of profit

Justin Gray,

I predict that marketing begins to focus on the comprehensive customer lifecycle – moving past acquisition and concentrating on customer marketing. We’ve seen this in many of our top customers who are utilizing an ABM go-to-market focus and they are using it as a means of reducing marketing vs sales friction. I see the potential for a lot of organizations to do the same and shift customer LTV into the spotlight as a marketing KPI.

jessica fewless prophets of profit

Jessica Fewless,
VP, ABM Strategy and Field Marketing

While the promise of AI-fueled intent was touted in 2018, 2019 will be the year marketers actually put it to good use! And those that do, will really change the game!

The Promise of Intent – Get out ahead of the competition. Better anticipate what prospects and customers need to hear from your organization. Leverage intent signals to drive segmentation for your marketing programs. Get the intent data into the hands of your Sales team to inform their strategy, outreach and interactions.

The Challenges with Intent – There is a steady stream of intent signals. It’s not practical or effective to react to all signals on a constant basis. So how do you operationalize intent to consume and react to all that data? What intent deserves immediate action? And what is just a signal or another data point for you to consider in the broader picture? And when you decide which signals receive which treatments, how do you build the processes to activate on those signals in meaningful and effective ways?

In 2019, Marketers will tackle these challenges and really change the game for B2B marketing. They will wrap their heads around all of this data and start leveraging it in ways that impact the revenue-generating potential of their organizations. They will put the processes and technology in place to help them realize the promise of intent and scale their ability to generate and …read more

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