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By cecille.l  Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Just when I thought I would no longer find any other major niches and be confined to writing about various sub-niches, I find yet another one ripe for the picking. I absolutely had no idea that there are real estate affiliate programs.

So I have a new niche: the real estate niche.

Real estate can either be the business of buying, selling and leasing land and construction on the property, or the actual land itself and anything that may be on that land: natural resources, buildings, etc. Real estate as an industry employs more than 2 million people. The recent downturn in the US economy affected its prosperity, but it’s now showing steady growth.

What is interesting to note in all of the numbers I’ve looked at is that 92 percent of would-be buyers go online to search for potential homes. A study on digital house-hunting claims 69 percent of people who visit a real estate website started by doing a local search online.

There is clearly a demand, but how competitive does the real estate niche get?

Hot Property Keywords

I logged in to AffiloTools to research keywords in the real estate niche. I started with “real estate” and got a mixture of high competition and low-competition keywords. In this niche, it appears that the more targeted your keywords are, the more competitive they are. Looking at the image below, “real estate listing” has higher competition compared to “real estate.” Between the two keywords, “real estate listing” shows buyer intent, versus a general keyword like “real estate.”

There aren’t a lot of keywords you can pick out in this niche. You can get a couple more ideas from, but they won’t be very numerous, or very different from your main keywords. Still, take the time to use some keyword suggestion tools. You might find a few good suggestions there.

Real Estate Affiliate Programs

ClickBank has several real estate affiliate programs in its Marketplace. The gravity scores aren’t that high but the commissions are enough to tempt someone into giving these products a try.

Foreclosure Listings Canada

Foreclosure Listings Canada - Real, Estate Affiliate Programs

Investors and buyers looking for a good bargain on commercial or residential property can search the listings on for a monthly fee. The properties listed on the website have been foreclosed on and are available to potential buyers at a lower price than typical market value.

They offer affiliate one of the highest commission rates for the real estate niche, maybe even the highest. - Real Estate Affiliate Programs is the creator of the BirdDogBot software, an application that helps real estate investors find good deals on properties. The website also offers training and resources to help new investors analyze and track deals.

Affiliates enjoy a hefty commission. The site even offers a monthly re-bill commission.

Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow Funding System

Commercial Real Estate Program - Real Estate Affiliate Programs

While offers a deal-finding application, Commercial Real Estate Program, or gives you training on how to buy commercial real estate. The training module is focused on new commercial real estate investors, showing them how to network and start a cash flow system that will enable them to buy more properties.

Like and, offers around USD $200 in commission per sale. - Real Estate Affiliate Programs is a UK-based property rental website. It provide landlords with space to list their available properties. Because of this, the site has a wide variety of houses, flats, and student accommodations in the UK.

Affiliates receive 25 percent commissions. Affiliates who refer other affiliates get a further 10 percent commission from the referred affiliates’ sales.

You can register as an affiliate through the website.

Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow Funding System and are for real estate investor. is for homeowners who want to sell their property directly to buyers, without the help of a real estate agency.

The site provides owners with a “seller’s guide” containing information on pricing, marketing and paperwork needed to sell their homes. affiliates get 20 percent commission per listing. Interested affiliates can register through the affiliate page on the website.

Stretch Your Reach

After building an affiliate site comes the most challenging phase: driving traffic to your site. While it’s important to get this bit right, it’s more important to get started on it. This is not the time to get analysis paralysis, and the key to start driving traffic to your site is having a nifty guide on link building and inbound marketing.

You can create the strategy guide even as you are doing niche research. While you’re having a look around authority sites on the niche, take note of them and figure out how you can promote your site within the community. Once you have a list of methods, it’ll be easy enough to go through them and see which work and which don’t.

No guessing. No paralysis.

Forum and Blog Commenting

I didn’t see a lot of blogs on real estate, but there are forums where people looking to sell or renovate their homes hang out. You can frequent these forums and interact with the other members by providing insightful, helpful comments.

Most forums and blogs these days are “no follow.” This means posting your links on these sites will not get you link juice. It doesn’t matter. Don’t limit your search by participating only on sites that allow links in signatures or “do follow” links.

Forum and blog commenting are about interacting with your target market and building a good reputation for your website.

Reverse Engineering

The real estate niche is a competitive niche. Don’t try meeting your competitors’ sites head on. Even the playing field a little by building links on the same sites they have built their links on, too.

That’s what reverse engineering is about: find the sites your competitor has backlinks on, and build your own backlinks on the same websites.

Press Release

Press releases are a great way to spread information online. The real estate niche is a dynamic industry despite being “seasonal.” There is plenty of information you can share: low interest rates in a particular area, special listings, etc.

These press releases can either link back to your affiliate offer, or to your website for additional information. They more often link back to related web pages though to drive more traffic to the page.

Real Estate Affiliate Programs: Move In or Move Out?

This niche definitely has earning potential. The commissions are certainly worth the effort, bit it’s not something I would go into, primarily because this is not something that interests me. There’s plenty to learn in the niche, and a lot of technical information to go through. All that is going to bore me simply because I am not interested in it.

Secondly, I find the competition daunting. It’s fierce and will require a good strategy to put yourself ahead of the rest. I might look at doing email marketing for this niche and see if that will work better than going head-to-head, trying to get conversions from my pages.

If you’re into real estate (maybe you were a broker once and want to get back on it, but in a different way), then you can take a look at this niche. Again, there’s earning potential here. So long as you can get over the competition, it’s all good.

And with that, I conclude this week’s Niche of the Week. I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forge to share it using any of the Share buttons below!

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