Sales Hack: 100s of MSP Leads Are Waiting For You

By Shannon Eckroth


There’s been a lot of buzz in and around my office regarding local prospecting techniques and our members are desperate to learn better, more strategic ways of filling their sales funnel. Furthermore, nurturing those leads until the prospect is ready to make a purchase. Building a sales funnel is challenging… especially if you’re not the “prospecting type” and networking, relationship building and engaging isn’t really your thing.

Over the past few months, I have been working one-on-one with MSPs challenged with this exact problem. You may have already attended CharTec Sales Lab and have the five steps to selling managed services down but what does any of that matter if you can’t even get in front of the prospects? Your sales strategy MUST start with prospecting and filling your sales funnel if you want to have a consistent stream of RRM opportunities.

Luckily for all of you, I happen to be pretty good at playing the prospecting game and I’m here to help! I’ll be sharing some of the sales-life-hacks I have come up with over the years to not only keep my sales funnel full but also continue to tighten the qualification process in which I evaluate my leads. Back in 2009, I was hired into my first sales position with a large executive staffing firm in Silicon Valley. At the time, I had zero experience managing opportunities and the first thing my management requested of me was 140 sales calls a week and 18 face-to-face meetings in order to achieve my weekly goal of 2 new clients.

This may not scream anything to you now and it certainly didn’t to me then but I have to tell you…. that’s not prospecting.

Quantity is useless if there is no quality.

It makes so much more sense to connect with less people and as a result have far more engaged and purposeful conversations, really getting to know WHO you are selling to, building relationships and loyalty within your community. Prospecting is all about researching who YOU want to do business with –> not reaching out to as many people as possibly in hopes that SOMEONE will have SOME SORT OF minimal interest in you at best.

Ok, so that’s all wonderful and fluffy feeling but HOW do we build our lead list without purchasing from a third party, cold calling into random homes and businesses, flooding the airways with SPA advertising, passing out flyers at the parking garage in the mall…. HOW?!

Well, today is your lucky day because I am going to reveal one of the EASIEST and SMARTEST ways to jump start your new warm-lead-generation-lifestyle. I should preface this with assuring you I was never compensated or rewarded for my recommendations and I just think these tools are THAT amazing for the 2018 sales rep’s tool kit. (COMING SOON!)

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