Simple Tech for Small Business Owners, Part 7: Video Campaigns

By Paige Duffy

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If you’ve ever used a video streaming service, then you’ve likely seen a video ad before. Video is an increasingly popular form of media, which makes it the perfect form of advertising. Not just for large companies, but for smaller businesses as well. When you make use of a video campaign, you’re creating some great opportunities for attracting customers and increasing conversion rates, which pave the way for growth.

How Video Campaigns Help Your Small Business

Video campaigns are more than just another way to get your message out there to potential customers. While the internet has provided a great way for customers and businesses to connect, the remote access can sometimes lead to a lack of close relationship in comparison to interactions in a physical store. While a blog can increase SEO, Video lets you put a face and voice out there, letting you bring your in-store sales strategies to the forefront.

People are also much more likely to remember what they hear and see in a video than what they read in a blog post, plus customers engage more with emails and webpages when videos are involved. While we’re at it, people are also much more likely to make purchases after watching a video. This means that with video, you can increase brand recognition, engagement, and conversions, all in one fell swoop.

Getting involved with video also means you can show up on the second most popular search engine in the world: YouTube. When people have questions about something, there’s a strong chance they’ll look up a how-to video about it. When you’re there, you get to build authority by showing your knowledge of the topic, plus show off your brand.

Video also works for every demographic, unlike some other forms of media. Even when you change your marketing tactics, video will still be appealing to your audience. You also get a way to engage with mobile users – as shocking as it may seem, mobile viewers actively watch video ads for much longer than desktop ones.

And even if you don’t build an ongoing campaign with your video, integrating them into your website has SEO advantages. In our post about SEO we talked about the idea of “rich media,” where websites incorporate more than just text. Video is one of those rich media options, which means you could get a ranking boost by having a few on relevant webpages.

Types of Videos to Start With

With all those benefits to keep in mind, getting your small business involved with video may start to seem like a good idea. Even so, there’s a lot you can do with a video besides just build an advertisement. Video is a vast media that allows for an extensive array of content to give your audience. If you’re not sure where to start, consider these types:

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