Social Media Marketing Tips for Maximum Exposure

By Jessica Vionas

Social media is here to stay. The actual platforms may change over time (so long, Google+), but as a channel, social media isn’t going anywhere. And it’s become a cornerstone of both inbound marketing and more traditional marketing.

Tools like HubSpot make publishing on social media a breeze, but effective social media marketing requires more than posting things through HubSpot. Here are four best practices to maximize your marketing exposure and ensure you are on the right path.

1. Follow the 60/30/10 Rule

I love the analogy from HubSpot about how your social media efforts should be like a cocktail party. If you only talk about you at a party, everyone is going to be bored to tears and tune you out. (And you may not get invited to future events.)

Good conversation is a mixture of active listening, relating, and sharing. To be truly effective, your social media efforts should be similar.

To that end, I always recommend the 60/30/10 rule for businesses:

  • 60 percent of your posts should be sharing other people’s content, news, and articles (i.e., content curation).
  • 30 percent should be your own content (such as blogs and white papers).
  • 10 percent should be about your company, your product, or bottom of the funnel offers (like a consultation request).

That means if you promote a new blog on social media once, you should balance that out with at least two posts that share someone else’s article or noteworthy news.

This article by Steven Duran has more information about the 60/30/10 rule.

The idea of filling at least 60 percent of your social media calendar with other people’s content may be intimidating, but here are some ideas to get started:

  • Search Twitter hashtags related to your industry (monitor streams in HubSpot are great for this!).
  • Explore your LinkedIn Groups for trends and ideas (see #4 below).
  • Set up a Google Alert for news related to your industry.
  • Check out any publications that regularly publish news related to your industry.

Should you share content by competitors? Most of my clients don’t. It makes sense—why promote their content for them? Why would you want to give them a bigger megaphone than they already have? However, a friend of mine recently compared it to Macy’s sending people over to Gimbels in Miracle on 34th Street if they didn’t have a particular toy in stock.

It delighted their customers and they came back to Macy’s for their excellent customer service. If you want to be known as the source for industry news and trends and your competitor’s content is good, why not share it and delight your audience? Only a true thought leader would be confident enough to do something like that.

The more you share other people’s content, the easier it will become, I promise. This daily social media checklist from HubSpot will help you stay on track.

And one more resource for you: This article by HubSpot on the types of posts that do well on different channels is helpful as you consider what to post on each channel.

2. Designate One Person

Given the time …read more

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