The 5 Best Ad Campaigns the Internet Has Ever Seen

By Gordon Donnelly

Best Advertising Campaigns Devils

This post was co-written by Gordon Donnelly and Conor Bond.

Here at WordStream, we’re committed to helping businesses like yours launch effective and profitable campaigns across search and social. Towards that end, we took it upon ourselves to identify five online advertising campaigns (two on Google, three on Facebook) that struck marketing gold.

Each of the following campaigns is a high-performer in its own right. From Facebook lead ads, to Custom Audience creation, to search network omnipresence, to account structure refinement—these campaigns leverage strategies you’re probably familiar with. They just do so in an extraordinarily effective way.

So while myself and fellow content specialist Conor Bond will be diving way deeper into each of these five campaigns (and what makes them successful) in our live webinar on March 20, today, we’re going to give you an exclusive sneak peak at the strategies that helped take them from middling performers to the cream of the crop.

Let’s dive in!

1. New Jersey Devils score with Facebook lead ads

If you’re familiar with the New Jersey Devils franchise, or with hockey in general, you may be aware that the Devils were a National Hockey League powerhouse in the early 2000s. You might also be aware that the last few iterations of the team have been, well, a mixed bag. Prior to last season, the Devils had missed the playoffs five years running; any playoff drought that long is going to do a number on season ticket sales. But the Devils did make the playoffs this past year. And though they didn’t make it out of the first round, the team created quite a buzz in New Jersey.

The Devils decided to try to capitalize on their success by leveraging Facebook ads in the 2018 offseason to increase season ticket sales. Specifically, they leveraged Facebook lead ads.

The lead ad is a streamlined, in-app ad format that allows prospects to submit their contact information without ever leaving Facebook. Lead ads convert to leads at a 2.07% higher rate than landing pages. The Devils didn’t just use them all willy-nilly, though. The campaign was executed in three steps:

  1. The Devils created a Facebook event for a team-hosted open house where prospects could learn more about season ticket membership. They then leveraged Custom Audiences to deliver that ad to previous subscribers.
  2. They created two variations of lead ads—one with a ticket sign up CTA (seen above), and one advertising the open house—and again used custom audiences to deliver them to a high-intent pool of prospects. (We’ll show you exactly how they did this in our webinar).

Best Advertising Campaigns Devils

3. They remarketed to prospects from the prior two phases who hadn’t yet filled out a form.

The Devils ran this Facebook campaign from May 31 to August 7 of 2018, generating 12X return on ad spend, 32% more leads than a past email campaign, and over 700 total leads. Now if only they could win some hockey games!

2. meets prospects at …read more

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