The Best Order Management Software for Small Businesses

By Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead

The Best Order Management Software for Small Businesses

You may find Running an online business rewarding. But stresses clearly come with the job. So good order management software remains critical for any small eCommerce business. And it will help your business establish itself in the market.

Order Management Software

Check out this selection of quality order management systems for small businesses of various sectors.


Megaventory holds the distinction of being one of the first US companies to offer online inventory and order management. The company dates back in 2010. They provide specialized support staff boasting PhDs and MScs. And a standard deal runs $135 per month. But you’ll also get a fifteen day free trial.


This automated inventory tracking system makes sure you have enough inventory. And it sees to it the inventory is in the right locations to meet your business demands. Brightpearl software shows you inventory at all locations. And this makes your business more profitable. But it also limits the risk of overselling. You’ll find this software flexible. And you can choose the level that fits your business. The system also offers a 30-day trial.


ShipStation offers a web-based software. And it makes e-commerce retailers more efficient at processing and fulfilling orders. The software also helps businesses ship orders to all the most popular marketplaces via all the top carriers.

The company focuses on the user. And it plans to keep improving its product. The Starter package for small businesses makes 50 or less shipments a month. It costs just $9 per month. And it comes with a 30-day free trial.


SellerActive offers software to help online retailers business operations. And this gives them time to focus on growth. The SellerActive software gives you process improvements. You’ll get automated repricing. And the software offers synchronized product listings. The tool spreads these listings actoss Amazon, Walmart, Jet and eBay.

You’ll find various Basic and Pro plans. Ad they start as low as $79 per month. But the most expensive Pro plan costs $899 per month. You’ll also get a demo. And you’ll receive free consultation available before you commit.


Shipedge offers software that is modular and scalable. And it automates complex eCommerce operations. You’ll find software that is 100% web-based. And the main module delivers management and warehouse management systems. Other modules include returns, exchanges and multi-carrier shipping.

The pricing depends on what modules are included in your package, with an All-in-One option including everything and a Modular version that provides only what you need.

Zoho Inventory

Growing businesses will be well served by Zoho Inventory‘s management software. It enables you to keep track of every unit with a powerful stock management, order fulfillment and inventory control system. The Basic package costs $39 per month, the Standard package $79 and the Professional package $199. There is also a free version for businesses currently making 20 or less orders per month.


Orderhive is a unified business tool that features an …read more

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