The Best Social Media Marketing Strategies According to the Types of Social Media

Social media has become one of the most used online tools owing to the advantages they come with. For example, social media allows firms to reach out to large groups of customers at once and in real-time. They can also allow firms to engage with their customers to resolve issues which had previously taken ages to resolve. The new aspect of social media being used as a platform for marketing has caught up and even trumped other means of online marketing. The following are the main types of social media and how they can be used for purposes of marketing.

Relationship Networks

Among the most common types of relationship network is Facebook which has the highest number of users. Such sites have very detailed information about users owing to their using their actual names and having actual relationships and families online. In this way, the relationship networks allow the users to connect with firms on a personal level. Most firms in this day have Twitter and Facebook profiles with which they can connect with their customers and answer personal problems that the users are facing with their products or services.

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Media Sharing Networks

While Twitter and Facebook have capabilities to share videos and other files, social sites such as Snapchat, Vine, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube are focused on the sharing of videos beyond anything else. Firms can choose to have profiles and accounts on these media platforms with the aim of reaching out to their customers. The most important aspect to note is that having video advertising has higher chances of mistakes compared to other forms of social media advertising. For this reason, video marketing on social media sites can achieve much more than other forms of advertising.

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Online Reviews

Given the fast rate of globalization, there has been an increase in the number of review services based on the specific locations. Such review services such as Urbanspoon and Yelp are used to give recommendations on the services required by the customers. Other sites include Uber and Airbnb are also great online sites for reviews on online platforms. For the most part, firms can put to use these sites by leveraging on the positive and negative reviews on their services. The best way to go on with this is to have a team which addresses the concerns of people to increase the customer problems.

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Discussion Forums

Discussion forums such as Quora and Digg are among the most popular social media sites where people go to get their questions answered on any topic of their choice with the highest level of anonymity. However, businesses need not be anonymous on such forums since they are aimed at revealing why customers need to use their products and services. Explicitly promoting products and services on these forums is not allowed unless one shares a link to a blog or website where the other users can reach out to the firm in question.




Social Publishing Platforms

They include various blogging and micro blogging sites such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, and Twitter are used for publishing content on various products and services quickly. Keeping a blog will allow the firm to refer its customers to specific topics such as troubleshooting certain problems and general advice on using their products and services. The blogs may double up as discussion forums as they allow the users to voice their concerns on the topics at hand. Social publishing sites ensure that customers can interact with their customers on a real-time basis.




Bookmarking Sites

While search engines offer a lot in terms searching for information, it is only through bookmarking sites that once can search for items about which they have a vague idea. For example, you may only know or have the image of an item, and you do not know its name or other aspects. The common bookmarking sites are Flipboard, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon on which specific firms can have their own set of images which have been optimized for RSS feeds. The users will thus have an easier time accessing them compared to having to search for the same content on search engines.








Interest-Based Networks

Most social networks nowadays group people according to the interests with Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn all having groups with people who share common interests. However, there are certain sites which are specific to other users such as Goodreads for passionate readers and authors and for musicians. If the customers for a given firm all share a single interest, it is advisable that a firm has an account with one of these sites given that it would be easier to connect with them and carry out discussions with the customers. For most customers, these are the best interaction platforms.





Although there are firms that are meant specifically for e-commerce purposes such as Etsy and Polyvore, most social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest also have e-commerce services for their existing pools of customers. With online purchases gaining on physical purchases, e-commerce sites are the best place to meet customers who want knowledge about the products and services of a firm and those who want to make purchases online. The firm can either partner with e-commerce sites like Amazon or include Buy buttons on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.



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