The Content Marketing Playbook For SMEs

By Warren Knight

Did you know that websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages?

It’s true that 47% of consumers read between 3-5 pieces of blog content before making a purchasing decision.

After reading the above, I have four questions I would like to ask you…

  1. Are you making sure your content is connecting with your audience?
  2. Have you defined your tone of voice?
  3. Does your content have structure?
  4. Are you telling a story through the content you create?

I want to make sure that, after reading this Content Playbook you, walk away with a better understanding about writing content that drives traffic.

Here are 5 tips to help you write great content.

#1: Catchy headline: Understanding how to write the perfect headline for a blog is crucial. If 80% of your readers lose interest after reading your headline, imagine the amount of traffic, engagement and sales you could be missing out on?

Advanced Marketing Institute have a great headline analyser tool that you can use. Visit here

#2: Structure: For every piece of content I write, I follow a specific structure. I always start with a statistic followed by an introduction talking about the topic I am writing about, and what I am going to cover. I then break the piece of content down into sub headers so that it is easy to read, and follow up with a conclusion. Think about how your audience “likes” to read content, and tailor your structure to meet their needs.

#3: What’s trending?: It is important to stay as up to date as possible with trending topics in your industry. By staying up to date with the world of technology, I created a piece of content that went viral on LinkedIn Pulse, and drove thousands of visitors and prospects over to my website. Check out Google’s own tool; Google Trends to find out the interest level people have shown towards a particular topic.

#4: Create great visuals: A huge part of writing amazing content, is about having variety, and this means more than just words. All of my blog images follow a structure, and can easily be created inside of image design tool; Canva.

#5: Capture leads: For me, blogging is a great way to focus on one specific subject, and then share a guide, or free webinar that is about the same topic. Think about how you can use your blog to talk about something you are doing that will add extra value.

Turn your visitors into prospects by capturing leads. As I mentioned, I always offer a resource or link to a webinar I am running as a way to capture that lead.

Syndicate Your Content On LinkedIn

Yes, creating a piece of content from scratch may take some time, and to best utilise this, consider syndication. The one network in particular that has been the most successful with syndication is LinkedIn.

I have over 350 articles on LinkedIn Pulse, and have over 19,000 content followers. LinkedIn Pulse has been an amazing traffic and revenue driver …read more

Read more here:: B2CMarketingInsider

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