The Top Brand Awareness Tools You Should Be Using

By Megan Mosley

We’ve been talking a lot about brand awareness lately. Which is exactly why we wanted to write up a brand awareness tool article. Because as we found there are plenty of different ways people track their brand awareness. The easiest way, and the most common way, however, is through various types of tools.

We are going to cover some tools that fall that can be categorized under either social analytics or social mentions. We have found that many marketers use tools within both categories to do a thorough investigation of how well their brand is doing. And, these tools can actually overlap in between the two categories we have listed.

Let’s first cover why investing in brand awareness tools is an excellent option for your overall brand awareness strategy.

Why you should invest in a brand awareness strategy

We get it, you probably already have a tight budget or no budget at all. But there are a few good reasons why you should invest in a brand awareness strategy. After all, there are many types of brand awareness (or ways someone may remember you).

For starters, branding is everything. It’s what you produce, it’s what you do, and it’s who you are. It is your business.

But why is investing in a brand awareness strategy important?

  1. It builds your brand credibility.
  2. You can better engage with customers.
  3. Avoid becoming obsolete.

If you think about it, even the most well-known brands work on building their brand awareness.

Think of the sports industry and athletic wear brands. You’ll probably instantly associate Nike, Reebok, and Adidas in this aspect. Even more, you may be able to think of a few athletes who are influencers of these brands.

But why? Well, even though they are well-known and are industry leaders, they still run marketing campaigns. You probably see ads from these brands all the time. You probably also see influencer campaigns, and user-generated content posted daily about them.

But, why does this matter? Well, if a brand isn’t paying attention to what people are saying online and fueling the fire, so to speak, they wouldn’t know how to consistently deliver what people want. This is why developing a brand awareness strategy is important.

An example of a successful campaign

Before we dive into the tools that can help you succeed, let’s review a successful campaign that has helped to increase brand awareness.


JetBlue is a leading airline in the US with a home base of NY and covering all major cities across the nation. They have been awarded “Highest in Customer Satisfaction in North America”.


In a case study done by Qualitrics, JetBlue had the goal of gaining control over its customer experience program.

JetBlue combined a series of data to pinpoint where they could make the most impactful changes in their processes. By doing so, JetBlue found that their free baggage didn’t matter and instead customers wanted cheaper tickets. Therefore, they went down a different path for pricing, which worked out well for them.

Because they used their customer feedback and listened to what …read more

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