The Ultimate Guide to Using Twitter for Business in 2019

By Isabelle Hahn

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Twitter is an undeniably powerful platform to increase your business’s online reach. The average Twitter user follows five businesses, and 80% of all Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet.

If you have your Inbound Marketing hat on, you should know that Twitter is not just a place to grow customers through word-of-mouth marketing — it’s also a place to meet your customers where they are.

However, succeed as a business on Twitter in 2019, it’s critical you’re able to stand out. But that can mean many different things for the millions of businesses across every industry on Twitter.

So what steps can you take to add to your audience’s experience online, instead of simply being a disruption? How can you promote your product or service in a way that encourages people to purchase? How can you make your brand more human on a platform made for connection?

To help you create a successful strategy and leverage Twitter’s power for your business, we’ve created this helpful guide. Keep reading to learn how you can use Twitter for your business in 2019.

How to Market Effectively on Twitter

First, you need to build your Twitter marketing strategy. Your strategy is your foundation for success and is worth all the time you spend researching and creating it.

A Twitter marketing strategy is just like any other social media strategy — it is centered around the content you create, publish, and distribute to engage your followers. The content you publish should attract new followers, encourage new leads, boost conversions, and grow brand recognition.

Your business likely already has high-level business objectives, and Twitter is a channel that can help you reach those goals. If your business is looking to generate leads and sales long-term, you’ll need brand awareness on your side to get your flywheel moving.

The following four tactics will help you develop a strong Twitter marketing strategy to build your presence upon.

1. Research your competition.

Twitter is a tool you can use to search for competitors and see what types of marketing content and tactics they’re using. Gathering information on what your competitors are doing will help inform your own strategy. Is there anything they’re doing that you should be? What does their customer service look like on the platform? By asking questions about your competitors, you can launch your own highly-developed strategy.

2. Audit your account.

The importance of auditing is not lost when dealing with strategy. In order for Twitter to be a great marketing tool, you have to be organized. Need to audit your account quickly? Here’s how to do it in under 20 minutes.

3. Research best practices.

Like auditing, this is a step that needs to be done continuously. Keeping up on best practices as Twitter is updated and goes through changes is key to keeping your impressions and engagements high.

4. Identify your audience.

Your business personas should be considered in every aspect of marketing, including …read more

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