These 3 Business Choices Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Life and Career—What Are You Waiting For?

By Ann Gatty

Every day, you make business choices that affect the trajectory of your career. Often, you make these decisions subconsciously, or without much thought, yet the consequences of these choices can still be felt.

Some choices that deal with business logistics may not have as much impact on your personal life since they affect implementation processes; other choices are broader and should be given more conscious decision-making attention. In this article, let’s focus on three business choices that are broader based, and have a substantial consequence to your personal life journey.

1. Choose to work with a purpose

The company in which you work has its own unique culture, mission, and vision. When you first start with the organization, it may be a happy match, but over time things can change. When changes occur, take the time to reflect on why you started working with the organization.

If you joined the organization to learn new skills and boost your experience, maybe you have accomplished this now. If you chose the job for a certain salary level, consider if this is still the case. You may find that your purpose is aligning your passion with your work, and now you may have more clarity. There should always be an underlying purpose for choosing where you work.

2. Choose to start now

Make today the beginning of your journey toward accomplishing what you envision for your future to be in 5 or 10 years. Choose to take one day at a time, and focus on doing the detail work of preparing for your next career step.

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Instead of putting off asking for referrals, start asking for referrals today; instead of putting off work details that you can get to later, start tackling them today. Pick one or two tasks and do them today. Work takes discipline, and if you wait for things to be perfectly aligned, you may never get started. You don’t want to ever look back with regret thinking about what could have been.

3. Choose to believe in yourself

I believe that everyone has talent, and I suggest you use yours wisely. No one can do what you do as well as you do, which is why I want you to believe in yourself. In addition, people are naturally innovative—they like to try new things. But to try new things, you must embrace a sense of self-belief. I truly believe that in some situations, we win, and in some situations, we learn—but there is no reason to lose. All losses are opportunities to learn.

So, get out there and keep moving forward. You have a purpose for your work, which you need to focus on starting now with a self-belief that you can make a difference.

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