Time Waits For No One – Exploring Acuity Scheduling

By Brian Basilico

Welcome to one of my first tool reviews of 2018. My goal for these reviews is to kind of get you acclimated to something that I use and love. I’m kind of recommending it, but I’m not saying it’s the only option out there. There are tons of options. Pick and choose what you want, but I’m going to tell you what I love about these particular tools. Today I want to talk about time management. Now, one of the things I know for a fact is you cannot manage time; time manages you. There’s no way to wrangle it in. You can’t buy more, you can’t put it in the bottle. But what you can do is you can manage tasks.

One way to manage tasks is to get them on your calendar. When your calendar is full, you can’t do more tasks. When your calendar is empty, you obviously have time to do lots of tasks. So one of the tools that I absolutely love is Acuity Scheduling, and I’ve tried a whole bunch of them, including ScheduleOnce, Timely and others.

I fell in love with Acuity Scheduling because it did everything I needed and wanted it to do. And I do a lot. In my business, I do coaching, I do the podcast, I do interviews, I do all different kinds of stuff. What this allows me to do is kind of organize not only all of those tasks in the system, but it’ll also organize my calendar for me. Let’s start by talking about calendar integrations. That’s the first piece of this puzzle.

Calendar Integration

So obviously, you want to find something that integrates with the calendar that you use. Now some people use Google Calendar, which is fine. Some people use Outlook. Some people use their Mac calendar, which is what I use. I use my Apple calendar. So that was very high on my list of needs, wants, and got to have. I have to have something that integrates with my Apple calendar because it integrates with my desktops, my phones, my iPads, all of that kind of stuff.

Yes, you can do that with a lot of different tools. It just made sense for me. So that was the first thing I wanted to find is something that would do that. Now you may want to use Google or Outlook or something like that, and I can tell you Acuity works with just about every calendar out there. So all three of those are good and you can have Acuity integrate with them.

So what does it mean integrate? Well, the bottom line is is that when somebody books time, it actually goes into the calendar and inserts that as a calendar item. First it automatically has to look to say, “Am I booked already?” Then it goes to look at your calendar and asks, “Do I have the time available?” Another thing that you can do is limit those booking times around your availability. …read more

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