Top 10 Business Start-Up Tools

By Samantha Martin

Having the right tools for your start-up can be invaluable to helping you get started. So here are 10 business start-up tools that I couldn't manage without

I’ve written before about the business start-up distractions you need to avoid. So I thought it was about time I shared with you the tools I could not live without in my business. Tools I wish I had known about from the start.

As my own businesses primarily operate online, most of the tools I use are based on content creation and social media management. But given that everything in business now is being geared towards being internet friendly, it’s even more imperative that business owners master not just these these tools but the online digital world in general.


The key to growing your business is to start building your email list from day one. Amassing huge audiences on social media is great. Until said social media platform shuts down, boots you off or reduces your reach to about 0.1% of your following. If someone is brave enough to sign up to your email list then they have already made a significant investment in you/your business. You have a far higher chance of converting them into loyal customers. If you treat them well. Don’t go abusing the trust they have placed in you by handing over their email address for you to them spam the living daylights out of it. Do that and they’ll eventually unsubscribe.

There are all sorts of laws and rules when it comes to emails and some of these laws are set to get tougher next year. Personally, I’m hoping it will stop or at least reduce the huge amounts of spam I get every single day so I’m all for it. But when you start building your email list make sure you use a service such as MailChimp and ensure that every single person on that list has opted in correctly. Spam anyone at your own peril.


The biggest excuse I hear for not maintaining social media accounts is that you don’t have time. I’m sorry but that excuse stopped being viable years ago. With tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite you can pre-schedule all your social media posts, curate a ton of content ready to go out and then just do the social bits. I use all 3 tools in different ways to ensure that my social accounts remain active and have a constant flow of relevant material.

I use Buffer to curate other people’s content to share with my audience. This will be blog posts and articles from trustworthy sources and reliable publications. With buffers queuing system it means that I can just click on something I like to add it to my Buffer.

I use Hootsuite to set up time specific posts. For example, if I post a new blog on a Monday I’ll then set up specific times that I want that blog post shared again to my social accounts, in 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months …read more

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