Top 10 Christmas Email Inspirations of 2017

By Kevin George

Costco email

If you’ve been following our blog closely, you might recall that we had done a Christmas inspirations blog last month to help you with your Christmas email designing. So, you might be wondering, why one more? Well, these are the emails that have graced our inbox this month, and we thought they’d give you a better idea of what exactly your competitors are up to this holiday season.

Monks’ Suggestion: We all know how important it is to send a beautiful email on Christmas to delight your subscribers, make sure you use some animation be it through CSS keyframe or GIF to improve email engagement.

And since you’re damn busy around this time, we’ve bifurcated the inspirations according to different industries they come from- Ecommerce, Brands, Travel, Home Décor, and Sports. So, ready to get inspired? Great!

Let’s begin the marathon.

Ecommerce Industry


Subject line: There is Still Time! Order Eligible Items by 11:59 PM PST on 12/18/17!

This email from Costco is about reminding their subscribers about ordering in time so that they receive their orders before Christmas. The email copy elaborates the subject line. And although they have highlighting the deadline through the image of a clock, we would have preferred a real-time countdown timer which helps to generate FOMO.


Subject: You’ll want to jump on these great gifts.

walmart email

Walmart’s email is all about Christmas with red color dominating the email design. Since there is little time to buy gifts and get them delivered before the holidays, they have a hero image which highlights gifts that can be delivered fast.



Subject line: Ice cream for a year.

Jenis email

They are one of Monks’ favorites. Known for their creative GIFs, Jeni’s doesn’t fail to delight us. While they start with the headline- PRE-ORDER FOR HOLIDAY DELIVERY, which is also a CTA, this is followed by a hero image which is a quirky GIF. A holiday gift guide adds a cherry on the ice cream 🙂 .

Bath and Body Works

Subject line: FINAL HOURS! the stockings are hung by the…

Bath and Body Works email

Red, white, and green are the colors of the season and Bath and Body Works uses them really well in their emails. With the help of a GIF as hero image, they have highlighted more products in limited space. The subject line too is in sync with the email copy.

Travel Industry

Secret Escapes

Subject line: Don’t miss the sleigh…

secret escapes email


Subject line: December news: Christmas treats for all the family

Butlins email

Butlin’s uses first name personalization- good start. While they begin with warm wishes for the festive season, they slowly change the tone of the email to highlight the various offers- good copy. The footer is perfect blend of social links and other essential details.

Home Décor Industry

Wind & Weather

Subject line: Last day of free shipping AND a discount

wind and weather email

Wind and Weather’s outdoor décor gets a festive makeover with some awesome trinkets …read more

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