Top 5 LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Marketing

When LinkedIn started, not too long ago, it was not the force it is today. At first, it was seen more of a social site for professionals, but over the years the platform has grown into what it is today. Your entry level employees are using LinkedIn to promote their own skills. There are also many senior managers on this platform looking to network or find potential employees. When you do decide to join LinkedIn, it is important to know what you are trying to achieve, Have a clear goal in your mind and follow the steps to achieve that goal.

Employees and employers are using LinkedIn for the many benefits it offers. It has arose that this tool can be used for both personal and business marketing. You can hire a LinkedIn profile creation service if you want to make sure you cover all your basis. Many businesses use this platform to promote their brands and make connections with influencers in the relevant industries. With all these benefits, it has become somewhat of a trend to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing purposes. You have to have a strategy when you decide to take the step to market your B2B. Going at it without a plan might not give you the results you are hoping for. Here are the top 5 strategies you should start applying today.

  1. Save searches

When you are doing a search on LinkedIn, be sure to save the search if you find exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes we can strike gold with just one search. Finding a business you can work with is great, but staying connected is even better. You know that with marketing it takes a few tries before you actually make a connection. LinkedIn offers you 3 saves if you do not upgrade your package. You would then need to be very certain of these saves and make a wise decision. If you are serious about using this platform to grow your business, you should consider upgrading. It will be an expense at first, but you will soon see the benefit thereof.


  1. Good company description

No one has the time to figure out what your business actually does. You get professional LinkedIn profile writers who knows exactly what they are doing. If you are not good with descriptions, it might be beneficial to find a profile writer. The goal is to attract more businesses to work with. You need to have a company profile that is strong and allows for easy bait. Write your pitch and run it by a few others, just to make sure it is not only up to standard, but explains perfectly what the brand is.


  1. Find groups

Look for groups that are relevant to your business. This does not eliminate the searches you do for individuals, but it could work even better. Your responses from individuals might be more, but marketing your business is all about promoting your brand. What better way to do this than in a group? Someone of the group might not be a decision maker, but word of mouth is still as relevant as it was a decade ago.


  1. Great content

In order for you to gain more customer, you have to engage with them. Writing compelling content and posting it to your LinkedIn business page, you are more likely to build a level of trust. Make sure this content is relevant and what your audience needs. By feeding these needs, you indirectly boost your sales. Even without a LinkedIn profile writer you still have the opportunity to publish content that is fresh and unique.

  1. Be active

You cannot simply have a LinkedIn page and stop networking. This is one of those platforms you have to be active on and communicate with as many people as possible. Be active on the groups and leave comments of your competitors’ pages. If you want to be successful on LinkedIn, you want to stay fresh in the mind of those you are trying to attract to your brand and be aware of what your competition is doing.


LinkedIn offers many opportunities for B2B marketing and can save you a lot of time. If you are smart about it, you can schedule when you check your page and respond to those you find valuable. Many business have been doing this type of marketing for a long time and you might want to jump on this bus. There are so much you can do on this platform in your personal capacity as well as that of your business. Stay up to date with what is happening in the industry and align your content in that fashion. This shows that you care about what is going on in your industry.




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