Weekend Getaways: 5 Great Ideas for Spring Destination

By Louise D. Allen

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For most of us, spring is a welcome season as many are coming out of long winter months that were filled with lots of cold weather, and snow, too.

Sure, while winter may be the time of the year for many holidays and family gatherings, once spring comes along, everyone’s minds turn to travel.

Getting out and enjoying some nice weather is a great way to dust off the cold winter months, though many have families to deal with, so long vacations are out of the question. Enter in weekend getaways!

Some of the best memories for family and individuals are those special weekend getaways, sometimes planning, sometimes spontaneous.

Weekend getaways any time of the year can be simply wonderful, but spring just seems so much more appealing for many.

Why Is A Spring Weekend Getaway So Appealing?

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Think about it.

For thousands of people, Spring means the end of a long, dark, cold winter. So, of course, a weekend getaway is a great way to break out of the norm and get out of that seasonal depressive disorder that’s been plaguing you for the past 3 to 4 months!

Spring is also a great time to visit many locations, such as forest preserves or beaches for those who want something a little warmer.

Honestly, there are countless numbers of options for amazing weekend getaways, so let’s start the planning process, shall we?

A Buyer’s Guide To Planning A Weekend Getaway

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When it comes to planning a fabulous weekend getaway, it doesn’t have to be some huge elaborate project. In fact, for the purpose of this article, we aren’t going to focus on planning for a big trip that takes a lot of time and effort to plan.

That being said, even a simple weekend getaway needs a little bit of planning, even for those that like to live in the moment. Sure, flying by the seat of your pants can be fun, but even those that choose to “live in the moment,” need to put a little time an effort into the planning ahead of time, so they truly have nothing to stress over later on.

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