What an SEO Consultant Should Deliver

By Ryan Shelley

What should an SEO consultant deliver? There are many opinions when it comes to search engine optimization, but for businesses it comes down to real results. I’ve spoken to countless business owners who knew they needed SEO, but partnered with an “expert” that left them worse off than when they started. In this video, I’ll share what every SEO consultant should deliver to their clients. Whether you are a business owner looking for help or an agency delivering services, this video outlines some baseline expectations

Video Transcript:

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So today we’re going to be talking about what an SEO consultant or agency should be delivering for your business. Unfortunately, in the 10 years that I’ve been in this industry, I’ve encountered quite a few people who have hired an SEO company or agency and they have been less than impressed with the results that they’ve received. A lot of them have felt that they’ve been taken advantage of. A lot of them have felt like the company did a lot of terrible things for their website. And while that does happen, SEO is still extremely important.

If you want your site to rank, if you want to get targeted visitors using the most powerful engine in the world, Google search, you need to have your site optimized for search and here’s a few things that you should look out for or you need to make sure you’re getting from your SEO agency and consultant.

The first thing is visibility. SEOs are hired to optimize your site for search. If your site isn’t getting more impressions, if you’re not seeing more visibility of your brand online, then something’s not happening. Now, there could be a lot of things going on. Now, the SEO may have just gotten started, which means the results aren’t coming yet, or if they’ve been with you a while and you haven’t seen anything happen as far as visibility goes, you really should be wondering whether or not they’re doing the things that need to be done in order for you to grow your site traffic.

Now this is where Google Search Console is a powerful tool. With that tool. You can see that your site is getting impressions, which means people are seeing your site links in the search results. If they’re not, if there are no impressions happening, it means you don’t have any visibility or much visibility. If it’s not growing over time and there’s a lot of work being put into it, you know that something could be wrong. So make sure you pay attention to that because visibility is the name of the game, …read more

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