What is the Google Home Service Ads Program?

By Brian Leguizamon

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Change has a funny way of sneaking up on you. Especially when you work in an industry with as many moving parts as digital media marketing.

When it comes to digital, change is more than just inevitable — it’s a way of life. The key to longevity is this industry is finding ways to embrace that change. At the end of the day, the name of the game is ensuring that your small business clients are at the head of the pack with every industry shift. Which is especially hard to do when Google Home Service ads seem poised to change everything about how small businesses receive traffic.

Google Home Service ads is a program that will ultimately improve customer acquisition for small businesses. As this program rolls out, the small businesses (or more specifically, home-service providers) that know how to make the most of Google’s advertising capabilities are the ones that will dominate.

Introduction to the Google’s Home Service Ads Program

To better understand Home Service ads, let’s split digital media marketing strategy into two simple components. The first component being the tools you can use and the second being how effectively you use them. If small businesses want to be ready for this inevitable Google update, they’ll need to understand what Home Service ads are and how to most effectively use them.

Over the last few years, Google has been quietly beta testing the Home Service ads Program. Despite its seemingly small sample size (available in only a few cities like Los Angeles and Sacramento), Google has been hard at work, slowly shaping the future of paid search ads and the way small businesses will receive traffic. To be clear: Google has made no major announcements about their plans for a nationwide rollout, although they’ve already started to expand into the greater LA metro market.

Google’s Home Services is a program designed to connect users with home-service providers (plumbers, gardeners, electricians, etc.). What makes this program more appealing to users is that the home-service providers promoted by Google’s home service ads are more than just paying for their way onto the page.

In order to be promoted on Home Service ads, each service provider needs approval by Google. To further reassure users, each business will have a “Google guaranteed” shield next to its name and review score. The idea here is to connect businesses with customers via micro-moments.

The first issue that needs to be addressed is why Google feels the need to change their system. From a purely financial perspective, it’s important to understand that this setup will make Google more money. Whether the business converts their traffic or not, Google still charges for the click. Keep in mind that Google also charges for leads, according to their own website:

  • With Home Service ads, you pay only for leads from customers that choose your business.
  • You set a weekly budget that limits the total number of leads you receive in any given week.
  • You may get a different number of leads from …read more

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