What to Know About Technical SEO in 2019

By Lidia Staron

A lot of businesses must maintain their visibility and relevance in a search engine box. Data is king in 2019 because people don’t look on the yellow pages anymore to look for products and services. They immediately got to a search engine box to look for what they want. All user experiences begin in a search box making SEO one of the most powerful ways to market and create brand recognition online.

It is important to remember that SEO is a technical undertaking and the tech side of it should never be underestimated. Technical optimization is important to a website’s healthy online presence. If you neglect the rigth techniques you are bound to have some issues establishing your presence in search engines. Every renowned web expert has said that web owners should work on technical SEO to get their desired results which are more hits and higher rankings. Most people know about SEO but the puzzle is what is technical SEO?

Technical SEO, simply put, ensures that actions are taken to ensure that a website is following all the guidelines set out by search engines. Following technical SEO can help you get better traffic and rankings from search engines. You can instill plenty of technical SEO techniques without the help of a third-party service provider. If you get too confused and if you feel everything is too technical you can get a Digital Marketing Company and let them handle the technical optimization of your website.

Site Speed

Speed is definitely an issue this 2019. With an update that happened last year, site speed officially became a ranking factor. People won’t waste their time for a website to load and they want quick results. Forty-seven percent of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. If your site is loading at 2 seconds or more the bounce rate would be massive. Make sure your site isn’t slow because such sites don’t rank effectively. You will not gain the traffic you wish to attract with slow speeds. If you are ever in doubt of your website’s speed get Google Page Speed Insights which can help you analyze your website’s speed. This tool also helps you with solutions to get increase your site speed.

Mobile Friendliness

It is important to get your website to be mobile friendly. Mobile first indexing – mobile speed, and mobile friendliness are crucial this year. If your website isn’t mobile friendly it won’t get indexed by search engines. If there is some error when you open your website in mobile and if some elements look out of proportion then your website isn’t optimized for mobile. Mobile-First Indexing is the initiative set up by Google that allows the mobile version of your website to be the most important one. Traditionally, Google has taken a desktop-first indexing approach, which meant that their crawlers determine your rankings based on the information gathered from the desktop version of a site.

Crawl Errors

It is important to eliminate crawl errors from …read more

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