What You Should Know Before Seeking Professional Copywriting Services

By Matt Brennan

professional copywriting services

Businesses need to build trust and communicate their message in a way that resonates with their audience in order to grow. While some companies may write their marketing materials on their own, for many it means seeking out professional copywriting services.

But before you hire the first person who comes along, there are a few things you should know. These tips pertain whether you are seeking professional copywriting services in the b2b or b2c fields.

10 Tips for Businesses Seeking Professional Copywriting Services

There are Good Reasons to Value Copy – You are in a crowded field and every piece of marketing collateral you produce creates a powerful impression.

Many businesses choose to write their own content, and others seek out professional copywriting services for this reason. A good copywriter understands what it takes to produce content aimed at a specific audience. It’s their job to take technical, industry material and translate it into something that will resonate with the audience.

There are Financial Advantages to Hiring Freelance – It’s cheaper and less of a commitment to go the freelance route, versus hiring a full-time employee. A freelance copywriter won’t be collecting a paycheck when there is no work left to complete. They simply move on to other client jobs.

You aren’t on the hook for benefits, hourly wages, and other payroll costs. Simply hire a writer for the job you need done, and when it’s complete, so is your obligation. Most copywriters charge a project-based fee for their work.

To be Blunt, You Get What You Pay For – Too many companies hire freelance work based on price alone. There is always a writer willing to do the same project for less money.

While I certainly understand that every business has a budget, you can do yourself more harm in the long run by shopping on price alone. I say this as someone who’s all too often been called in to finish a job that another copywriter messed up. If you’re looking to buy a Porsche on a Pinto budget, you may end up disappointed in the final outcome of the project.

A Good Copywriter Understands Consumer Behavior – We’d all like to think of ourselves as logical consumers who make our decisions based on fact. But if I told you about a revolutionary product that would change your life, or improve the way you do business, my guess is you’d listen.

That’s because we’re emotional creatures. We don’t care about a V8 engine. We care about the way our hair blows as we make our way down the Interstate in a convertible at 80 mph. A time element adds to this. What if there were only 2 convertibles left? You’d be itching to feel that wind through your hair before the last one leaves the lot.

Stories Matter – We all love a good story. If you have a powerful story about how someone used your product to overcome their obstacle, tell it. If you have a powerful origin story that starts with how you overcame the …read more

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