Why Scaling Your Sales Team Isn’t Just About Adding Reps

By Adam Henshall

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Building an initial sales approach is something loads of us have attempted to do at some point or other.

Sales ends up being one of the key ways companies grow and scale. We all know this.

But there’s a big difference between doing effective outreach for your startup on a high-touch basis where you’re still understanding customer needs and figuring out approaches, and turning this knowledge into a sales machine with a full sales team that can operate in a financially efficient way.

Understanding yourself in the market and growing to be the company you want to be require different slightly strategies.

This growth from tiny solopreneur kind of structures to managing teams with effective documented practices is what this article will be all about!

We’re going to take a look into some expert insights from Close.io‘s recent webinar with their CEO Steli Efti, Process Street’s CEO Vinay Patankar, PandaDoc‘s Director of Inside Sales Mike Paladino, and Groove‘s VP of Sales Mike Sutherland.

We’re going to pull out the key questions to help scale your sales in a way that works:

  • What do you want to scale?
  • Is now a good time to scale?
  • How do you build a process for scaling?
  • How do you get a sales teams to follow the process?
  • When and how do I add people to a sales team?

And finally, we’ll give you 10 free process templates for different areas of sales for you to start using in your business today.

You can watch the whole webinar here: How to build a scalable sales process (Q&A webinar)

What do you want to scale?

sales team inbound outbound


There are many different approaches you can take to building a sales process.

Let’s look at 4 different terms:

  • Inside sales: This refers to having sales people working in your office or remotely and dealing with completing sales simply from their desk. This is a common approach within the SaaS industry particularly when targeting small to medium sized enterprises. High value sales in this space may still require something different like…
  • Outside sales: This is where salespeople travel to where the customer is to sell to them directly. This could involve visiting to understand how their systems and processes work, and how your product could fit into that. Or it could be more consultancy based sales where you need to see how your services could assist the company in question.
  • Inbound sales: This is where you sell to people who come to you. This may involve marketing materials which customers see and use to make the decision to reach out to you. Lots of SaaS sales will work in this way; particularly for companies who operate with a freemium model which lets users try before they buy.
  • Outbound sales: This is your classic Hollywood idea of sales. You work out what kind of companies might be interested in your services and you reach out to them one by one to try to bring them aboard. Think cold-calling and cold-emailing.

In all honesty, there is often a great amount …read more

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