Why Website Speed Matters

By Ryan Shelley

Users demand fast websites. This is a fact we’ve heard about for a number of years, but 70% of the mobile landing pages take more than five seconds for the visual content above the fold to display on the screen, and it take more than seven seconds to fully load all visual content above and below the fold. according to a study from Google.

Knowing you need a faster web experience is one thing. Knowing how to make it faster could literally change your business. In this video, I’ll share why website speed matters and what you can do about it!

Video Transcript:

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We’re going to be talking today about website speed. We’re going to be talking about why it matters and then we’re going to go into a little bit of what you can do about it as a website admin or a small business owner who runs your own website.

First, let’s talk about why it matters. The first thing is that Google is going mobile and you may be thinking, “Well, what does this have to do with speed?” It has a lot to do with speed. Mobile index has been rolling out and it’s rolling out more broadly so more and more sites are being indexed mobile first, which means Google is looking at how your site appears and performs on mobile first and then they also take into account the desktop version of your site because that’s also still very important.

Now, this means that you need to have a mobile friendly site. It means that your content needs to be able to be accessed and interactive with a mobile device. It also means that you need to have a fast loading site because it’s going to help people on mobile devices to connect with your site, to connect with your content and it needs to perform well, not just on wifi or a static internet connection, but also on a mobile internet connection.

Now the algorithm does look into speed. It also looks into how your site is being engaged with mobilely. Is it easy to work with? Is it friendly? Is it fast because if it’s not able to be interactive, it’s not easy for a user, it’s going to be less relevant in the eyes of the algorithm and if you can’t connect with it, if you can’t use it, then why would Google assume that it’s good content or that it’s a good website? Why should they display it and allow that site to earn some rankings.

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