Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Spark Positive Conversations

By Wendy Marx

What is word of mouth marketing? And what makes it such a powerful tool?

Let’s start with an example. Say you catch an ad on social media for a new product. It claims to be the best of its class and will transform your business. With such outsize claims, you’re likely to dismiss the product as a sensationalized gimmick — and you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that.

Let’s push pause and go back…

Now take that same product, but instead of an ad, you hear about it from a trusted friend or colleague. She talks animatedly about a cool new product that has made her work life 10 times easier. She even share details about the brand behind the product. Because it comes from a close and trusted friend, the claims become less sensationalized and more genuine. You start to want that product.

That is the power of a good word of mouth marketing strategy.

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This kind of B2B marketing strategy is a strategic discipline that while around in an informal way for eons has surged thanks to the internet. In the words of marketing expert Joe Pulizzi, “Word of mouth marketing has always been important. Today it’s more important than ever because of the power of the internet.”

In fact, according to the Chatter Matters: 2018 Word of Mouth Report, 83% of Americans said that they were more likely to purchase a product or service if it was recommended by a friend or family member.

When asked in the same report what influenced their purchase decisions, under 40% showed a preference for company websites, television advertising, social media, ads or news articles. The former kinds of marketing strategy have been dethroned, replaced with more trustworthy sources, such as word of mouth.

But is this something we can control? To some extent, yes. The worst thing you can do is to leave it up to chance. Let’s talk about some specific ways in which you can ignite positive word of mouth and use it to spark further customers.

8 Powerful Ways to Ignite Your Word of Mouth Marketing

1. Build Trust

Word of mouth marketing - build trust

Nothing builds a customer-company relationship faster or more solidly than trust. Yet, trust is a quality sadly lacking in many companies . In our me-first world, customers often get the short end of the stick. Whether it’s hidden fees or a disappointing product experience, people have endured incredibly frustrating situations when dealing with some companies.

A wonderful way to prevent this and build trust is to do right by your customers. For example, did they receive a faulty product? Get them a new one as soon as possible and go the extra mile to make them not only satisfied but also happy.

When a company goes above and beyond to champions its customers, those efforts build confidence and loyalty.

Trust also depends heavily on your skill and competency. Create a reputation of unparalleled expertise. You want people to tell others, “No one knows …read more

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