WOW Tips Which Will Make Your Blog From Zero to Hero


There is a lot of bogus content in the Internet and you certainly do not want to add on to this menace. You have to create unique, relevant, interesting and exciting material on your blog to attract traffic and long lasting relevance as a writer. Nowadays, creating a blog has become much easier because of the simplified methods of developing blog websites. This has led to the misuse of this privilege. Every Dick, Tom and Jerry who thinks that they can write are venturing into blog writing and the results are quite discouraging. Some are even using typewriting services hence making the work even simpler.

People are aware of this trend therefore you have to be outstanding when creating a blog. Your visitors will stay loyal to you if they know you prefer quality and informative content. How do you advance your blog from zero to hero? This is the most disturbing question on any author’s mind. You cannot get relevant answers easily from anywhere in the web but this article will provide excellent tips that will be quite valuable to you.

These guidelines are tested and proven methods of making your blog spectacular. They are all aimed at helping you to pass your views and opinions superbly through your blog hence attracting a lot of attention from readers.

Select a current, relevant and exciting topic

The topic is very essential to the success of your blog. It should be quite interesting and your target audience should not be able to resist the urge to read. Dull topics attract very low traffic hence there is no way the blog can be successful regardless of how informative it may be. You should take some time to brainstorm about the topic and develop a stellar one. The topic you love will be very easy to write about hence you should consider this factor. The blog should address a current issue in your category. This will ensure that your readers love it. I will often times rewrite my article if I feel like I don’t meet my readers’ standards. You can also find a rewording generator and see if it sounds more current and relevant.

One superb way of choosing a topic is to get ideas from your social media sites. This can be a pending discussion that has attracted a lot of attention or a controversial statement from a celebrity, politician or media personality. Moreover, if your blog exists already and you have written a few articles already, you can check what your readers are saying in the comments. What your readers have to say is very important. If you show that you are paying attention to their comments, it builds a relationship. Alternatively you can read other people’s blogs, get what they are saying and use it to generate your topic.

Use the headlines to attract people

The headlines must be very intriguing to enable you to attract more people. This is the section that people will see when they search for content in your category. People can ignore your work regardless of the quality but very few can ignore an eye catching headline. Create a good headline using catchy keywords and also utilize the first sentence to grab the attention of many readers. There are specific words that people search for using the search engines and these are the words that should appear in your headlines and initial sentences. Make it attention grabbing and interactive. Your headline needs to say exactly what the reader will find when clicking on your link. This is truly the deciding factor for search engine users. Use the most popular one first and use other relevant synonyms throughout the article. These typing tips will increase your web traffic tremendously.

Develop superb content

No matter how exciting your topic is or how intriguing the headlines may be, the content remains the most important part of the blog. You should develop high quality work using appropriate facts and ensure that the blog is as interesting and informative as possible. Use specific, quality and eye catching language that is exciting to read and easy to understand. You should avoid any ambiguity in your statements. The facts must be straightforward and the language very clear. Call to action phrases will arouse the interest of readers and make the blog stand out.

The only way of getting your facts right is carrying out enough research and planning your work before writing. Read and edit the work afterwards to make it perfect and you will definitely enjoy maximum success. Use a reword tool if you are concerned about plagiarism. You don’t want a great article to lose credibility.

Some misled individuals think that using difficult vocabularies makes their work more outstanding but this is absolutely wrong. How would it feel to read a book while constantly checking the dictionary because of these sophisticated words? This is depressing, isn’t it? Do not subject your readers to such a situation. Use simple, creative and interesting language and pass your message excellently.

Utilize the power of graphics and images

Graphics and images are more appealing to human beings than words. The words will pass information in a great way but the images will enhance the knowledge making it interesting and easy to understand. You should use this power to your advantage. Use relevant pictures to emphasize certain elements of the work. Colors can also work excellently. They can be used to lay emphasis on specific sections and making the blog more appealing to the eye. This is why infographics are so popular because you can communicate a ton of information via an image. You can also use diagrams to improve your content. The popularity of video content is growing and it is said that visual content will be growing in 2017. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to grow your website or blog.

Use categories for easy navigation

The blog can have various topics and categories and specific people may have specific topics of interest. You must ensure easy navigation through your website by using categories. This will make it very easy for people to access specific content that they need. East navigation is very important for any website. No one has time to figure out how to get from point A to point B. Make the experience as impressive as you can for your readers. You can have additional sections like suggestions which will enable your readers to state their views about your blog. These suggestions will lead to the generation of new ideas which will make your blog bigger and better.

Increase your sharing options

You have to ensure that the blog has been publicized extensively to ensure that you address as many people as possible. The only way to do this is by increasing your sharing options. You can develop creative ways of directing people from various sites to your blog’s URL. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and any other social media site should be flooded with suggestions that lead to your blog. This can be done superbly by using the headlines or a short section of the blog which will prompt readers to open the blog.

These tips for typing will assist you to make your blog high performing. They are fail proof and will make sure that you attract a lot of traffic. You want to build a relationship of trust you’re your readers and thus have to give them the best. Researching new topics and asking your audience is a great place to start. Look at popular blogs and see what they are doing right, then try and incorporate it in your blog. You don’t need to copy anyone’s idea but see it as part of the research process. There is no better way of working your blog to the top!

Sandra Goode works as a content manager and her passion is guest posting. Her life credo is “Never give up“. Her dream is to become a cool writer and famous blogger. Sandra is fond of reading, traveling and cooking.

This is Guest Post From Sandra Goode

About Her: Sandra Goode works as a content manager and her passion is guest posting. Her life credo is “Never give up“. Her dream is to become a cool writer and famous blogger. Sandra is fond of reading, traveling and cooking.

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