How to Write “About Me” Page to Make Your Website Unique


When you own a blog, the audience wants to connect with you as a person and it is important to give them some information. A great way to do this is to add an About Me page. This is where you can give a little about yourself. It does not have to be complicated, but it needs to give an idea of what you are all about. Your audience will automatically go to this page if they enjoy your blog and want to connect with you. If you are in that space where you realise that you want to add this page to your website, follow these rules and you should be good.

Know your audience

When you know who you are writing for, you can better choose the tone in which you write and connect with others. Everything that you write, should be done with those who will read it in mind. It is going to give you excellent guidance.

Add a picture

A great way to connect with your audience, outside of writing a short bio of yourself, is to show them what you look like. Many people feel uncomfortable with doing this because of some irrational or rational fears. However, you want to build a relationship with your readers and by showing what you look like might encourage them to make the connection to you being a real person. Many times we forget that there are people at the other end of the screen, but this is a sure way to eliminate those feelings.

How can you help?

One of the reasons why people go online, is to find new information. This can be for entertainment reasons or important facts. Whatever it is, you need to convince your audience that you are here to add value to their lives. Talk about this on your About Me page. The internet is full of facts that is untrue and does not add value. Make sure that your website does not fall into that category. You do not need to tell your audience about all your experiences, but you need to give them something in order for them to keep on coming back.

It’s not just about you

Even though this page is the About Me page, you have to be careful not to make it all about you. What I mean is that you have to consider the person you are writing it for. If you look at a biography example, you will note that a lot of them are written with the reader in mind. Give something back to your audience in this page. You have to think about the reason for writing this page and what your readers would want to know about you. At the end of the day, your website is all about your audience and without them your success would diminish. Show them that you value them by adding the information they want to know about you.

Your own voice

One of the most important factors of engaging others, is to write the way you speak. I see so many writers who do not follow this rule and it usually goes wrong, because you can only keep it up for so long. You might not be a professional bio writer, but you do not have to be one to get this right. All you have to do is be yourself and you would make a lot more connections. Imagine that you are having a conversation with your best friend. Now use that same tone and write in your own voice.


There is no reason that you should ever try to be someone else or try to paint a different picture of who you are. Show your true self to your audience and let them get to know the real you. Remember that your website is not a one stop shop and you are going to have to continue this journey. It is going to be much easier to be yourself than to continue to pretend. Write only true facts about who you are. You are not here to impress your audience, but rather to connect with them. Show that you are a real person, living in a real world and sometimes things don’t always go perfectly.

Contact Information

Before you end your page, make sure to add contact details. This can be an email address that you use for business purposes, or a social media account. Whatever means you want to be contacted on by your audience, give them a voice by adding your contact details. Now, I would not advise you to add your personal mobile number if you have a big audience. It might become a little overwhelming, but this is just common sense. This is a great way to build trust between you and your audience. It is also a great way for those times when potential clients want to get hold of you.


An About Me page should be seen as an exciting opportunity to share a little with your readers. Pour yourself a cup of tea and think about what information will serve you best. You do not have to sound overly professional or think that you have to pretend. Just share a little about your background, your values and what your intentions are with the website. This will give your audience an idea of what you are trying to achieve and they can decide from there if they want to join you on this journey.

One thing to remember is that you are not going to impress everyone, but you will attract those who get who you are. Ultimately, this is your website and you can do what you want, but without considering your audience, you might not succeed. It is important to share just enough information about yourself, so that the audience can put themselves in your shoes and your relationship of trust can begin. You are the driver behind this wheel, so take it to the level of success you want to reach.


This is Guest Post From Sandra Goode

About Her: Sandra Goode works as a content manager and her passion is guest posting. Her life credo is “Never give up“. Her dream is to become a cool writer and famous blogger. Sandra is fond of reading, traveling and cooking.

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