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It is absolutely an undeniable matter of fact that the medical bills are one of the most burdensome things we face on earth. But luckily enough, the patients who have been recommended a treatment by the Sanofi will be able to see a considerable difference in their medication expenses just after the activation of their RX Savings Card.

Steps To Activate RX Savings Card:


  • The patients who got a savings card for Toujeo, Lantus, Apidra, or Admelog are humbly requested to visit the official webpage of the Activate the Card 7058 page at www.activatethecard.com/7058
  • Please click on the logo of the exact medication for which the patients are willing to activate the card
  • A fresh new page will be displayed after the above step that is designed specifically to the selected Rx brand
  • After arriving at the fresh new page, the users may follow the guidelines given in order to accomplish the Savings Card activation procedure

Sanofi Aventis ePortal


  • It is hereby notified that the Toujeo and Lantus products Savings Cards are enlisted under the category for those cardholders who retain commercial insurance whereas the Admelog Savings Card is enlisted under the category for those who will pay off the whole retail price for prescriptions


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Note For RX Savings Card :

  • Sanofi is an international business giant with more than 1 lakh employees in the entire world
  • The company retains over 14000 employees contributing to the US labor force
  • It has made its footmark in more than 100 separate nations all around the world
  • The company aims at being at the top 3 human health care provider within 2025
  • US headquarters are situated physically at Bridgewater, New Jersey


  • It must be noted that certain restraints are applicable to the savings card offer
  • Cardholders may review few of the restraints by viewing the details given below the official webpage of the Activate the Card 7058 page atwww.activatethecard.com/7058
  • Extra details regarding the offer can be reviewed by reading the information given under every specific brand logo
  • Corporate relevant queries regarding the company can be reached out to the company’s United States headquarters

Contact Details:

  • 55 Corporate Dr., Bridgewater, NJ 08807
  • 800-981-2491


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