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Start Updating Sears Master Card

How to Avail Card Offer of the Sears Card

  • Input the preliminary information.
  • The updating process is obtainable in English as well as Spanish.
  • The contact information of the Sears Corporate is also available.


Both the company offering the process along with consumer who receives it are benefitted during an up gradation of a credit card. Aiding this, the consumers who have got the latest update offer from the MasterCard of the Sears are more than satisfies regarding the accomplishment of the up gradation online process.

Steps to Upgrade Sears MasterCard:
  • Begin the process by going to the page of the Card Offer of Sears and input a card no. , name, with the last four digits of the preliminary account of the owner’s Social Security Number, and the three digit code of security that is given at the back side of the card.

Sears Credit Card


  • Click the continue button after all the requisite information has been inputted.
  • Before heading towards updating a box should be checked in order to assure that the visitor of Card Offer Sears Card page is the genuine account owner and is officially authorized to make any amendments regarding the card ( a scrutinizing effort for which every card owner should be obliged ).

Overview of Sears Master Card:

  • On buying made at gas stations, 5% can be gained (fulfill the empty spaces!)
  • Earn 3% scores by making transactions at the restaurants & grocery stores (food please!)
  • On valid transactions made at the Sears and K-Mart, 2% scores can be earned. ( a double dip of classic quality )
  • Earn 1% on all other transactions that are not listed under the prior categories.
  • Up to the first 10k transactions, 5% scores & 3% scores can be gained.

How to Enroll With this Service:

Card owners who are having issues to locate the security code may attempt by clicking icon displayed after the entry field to take a look at the figure reflecting where the number will be traced at the back side of the given card (situated at the right side of the signature line as is relevant always with the Visa Cards). Those willing to accomplish the update in Spanish can do it by going to the Espanol button given at the bottom side of the Card Page of Card Offer of Sears.


  • The link of the Credit Offers can be clicked to have a review regarding any extra information prevailing on present card offers.
  • Any kind of assistance if needed regarding the offer can be directed to 800-815-7701.

The General Inquiry Address of the Sears MasterCard:

  • PO Box 6275, Sioux Falls, SD 57117


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