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Cheddars Tell CV

Complete customer satisfaction survey for a chance to win $300 in cash
Survey can be completed online at designated survey page

Diners who have recently eaten at a Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen should refrain from throwing away their receipts as they could be worth a whopping $300! When taking a closer look at the receipt customers will see that they have been provided with information on how to complete the Cheddar’s guest survey for a chance to win $300 in cash. To get started with the survey diners will need to go directly to the Cheddars Tell CV page. Once at the survey page diners will need to enter the name of their server and the 16 digit survey code to get started on answering questions. Participants that are having trouble locating the server name and survey code can refer to the image of a receipt conveniently posted on the Cheddars Tell CV page that shows exactly where the information is located.

Some valuable information for customers to be aware of before they take a shot at the $300 in cash:

The survey sweepstakes begins on January 5th, 2016 and runs throughout the year until December 31st, 2016
To be eligible participants must be legal residents of the United States or District of Columbia and be at least the age of majority in their state of residence
To enter without making a purchase participants will need to send a mail request to Customer Satisfaction Survey 90 Rockwood Place, Rochester, NY 14610.
There will be a $300 cash prize awarded each month after a random drawing by an independent judging organization
Participants can request a winners listed by writing to Cheddar’s Casual Café Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Winners List Request, 300 State Street, Suite 402, Rochester, NY 14614

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen offers customers made from scratch meals using natural and simple ingredients. The restaurant currently has over 150 locations located across the United States with headquarters located in Irving, Texas. To reach Cheddar’s headquarters customers can write to 2900 Ranch Trail Irving, TX 75063 or call 214-596-6700.



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21 Responses

  1. Norma Saenz says:

    Very good. And excellent customer services

  2. Vanessa says:

    I visited Cheddar’s today and was not impressed by the service and the food. Even though I called my order in, I went to the bar for pick up. The bar attendee was watching the basketball game along with other employees. I waited about 5 minutes before she notice me. She was talking with other staff members, and even another staff member joined them with a customer plate, as she begin to talk with another staff member. My order was not correct at all. The food was no where near of what I expected. I have been there before and the food was excellent, but this time. The mash potatoes was to salty and the greens tasted as if someone open the can, put some salt and pepper on it and keep it moving. The bake potato the was given to me that I did not order was not completely done. I was not Please At ALL with the restaurant today/

  3. Elaine Hayworth says:

    Cheddar’s in Melbourne FL has been our favorite restaurant since they first opened. I have never had bad service or meal until our visit today. I ordered the dinner portion of salmon – a baked potato and green beans. Our service took much longer than usual and when our meal came our original waitress did not deliver meal. When we received meal my portion of the salmon was very small and I questioned the waitress as to whether this was lunch or dinner portion. She was prompt in saying it was definitely the dinner portion. My baked potato was also unusually small and upon tasting it was cold – so cold the butter and sour cream did not melt into potato. My salmon also was not warm and neither was the rice. The only part of my meal that was cooked and warm were the green beans. I was wondering if management has changed recently or we just hit this on a bad day. I am extremely disappointed in that I have always loved the meal and service in the past.

  4. Richard Viola says:

    The food was so good. Great price,service and large portions we will dine here often and will bring our family and friends.This restaurant gives you more for the price! Love it!

  5. marques jimerson says:

    The food was great the service was ontime

  6. What a surprise. First time at Cheddars. The staff was very friendly. The wait 15 minutes.I loved the interior.

    Our waitress Annamarie was very helpfull and checked often to see if we had what we needed. The dinner

    was excellent. Loved the interior. I cant wait to go back 05/14/2016

  7. I have been reading some of the comments re your restaurant – have not experienced the same service – we had a very good meal, the service was a little slow but it was a very busy night so couldn’t complain, server was very pleasant and attentive – we had a lunch portion of salmon (cooked just right) mashed potatoes and baked broccoli casserole – coffee was good also. If I were to complain about anything it would be about the noise (couldn’t hear myself think) but don’t imagine you can do anything about that. All in all , not a bad dining experience!

  8. Charlotte says:

    Excellent food, excellent prices, & the service is AWESOME!!!!

  9. judith roberts says:

    I had the best pototo soup ever. I ate it all.

  10. Gregory says:

    Kerri is one of a kinda…..she is awesome y’all need more like her

  11. we had a very good experience at Cheddars. our waitress was good at putting the order in at the right time. so we would have time for our appetizers before the meal came. and she had a very good personality

  12. We eat at Cheddars at least once a week and many times twice a week. We enjoy taking out of town guest because we are sure every thing will be great. From the minute we step through the doors and as we are walking out the experience has been fantastic. Thank you Cheddars and staff at #220

  13. Samuel James says:

    Always good food and good service.

  14. Bill Bell says:

    We wee celebrating an event and we chose Cheddar’s to celebrate

  15. Ruby Trevino says:

    The food is very delicious. There is good serves. We all ways eat here because it is just so amazing. Thanks for opening this restaurant in the valley and for your serves.

  16. Ruby Trevino says:

    The food is very delicious. There is good serves. We all ways eat here Thanks for opening this restaurant in the valley.

  17. Shun says:

    Excellent dining and very relaxing. Nathan B. The restaurant manger is very attentive. Thanks for making my dining experience so great! Restaurant # 0050

  18. Victoria Della chiesa says:

    Very good. And excellent customer service !!

  19. The food was excellent and the customer service very attentive !!

  20. Our favorite place to dine. great menu has every kind of food& is freshly cooked!!! Wonderful serve very respectful & helps with our every need!!!

  21. sheery kenon says:

    food is great as well as price very charming and cozy setting the customer service is fantastic and i enjoyed my visit there as a first time customer, and trust me i will be making a visit again real soon, my sons and their family eats there all the time and they often told me how good the food was there. so finally we have a new one here where i live and i loved it on my first visit there. thumbs up

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