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Customers should always have the pride to pay off their bills instantly by their cards after making any purchase. But what if the incident happens the exact opposite of this? It would be an extremely embarrassing circumstance if a customer is confronted with the news that there is no balance left to make the transaction successful. Here is good news for all, which many people might not know till now just by availing the gift cards that are potent to check the balance in your account.

Steps to Check Balance:

  • The customers are requested to visit the official webpage of the GGP Gift Card at www.ggpgiftcard.com
  • Please click on the “Check Balance & History” link
  • After the above-mentioned step, the users will be redirected to an American Express page
  • In the American Express page, the customers are humbly requested to enter the card number
  • Then click on the “See Available Funds & History” in order to procure the desired details
  • It must be remembered that the users should not keep any spaces between the digits while inputting the card number

Some Point About  GGP Gift Card :

  • The value of the card would be displayed either in the front part of the card or selected during purchase
  • The cards must essentially be prepared to get in action as soon after the activation
  • No charges will be imposed on the cardholders regarding the utilization of the card and the funds of the card will never expire
  • The cards are applicable universally wherever the American Express card is recognized
  • Cards having a signature panel must be signed in prior with the card owner’s name before using it


  • Those having queries may click on the “GGP Gift Card FAQ” link in order to have a quick review of the FAQ
  • Support is available just by dialing up 877-297-4438
  • The customers who are having corporate relevant queries regarding GGP may reach out to the company’s offices situated at New Orleans, LA

Contact Details:

  • 350 North Orleans, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60654
  • 312-960-5000



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